Thursday, March 22, 2007

What a difference a day makes....
From brilliant blue skies to grey, featureless ones, from a day off to a day at work, from Helsby to West Kirby!
I took these photos when dashing out for milk this afternoon. One is of the extierior of the Concourse, where my library is located. Believe it or not, this building was designed to "blend in with its surroundings" back in the 1970s. I am at a loss to know who thought grey breezeblock walls would blend in with ANYTHING! Recently a huge swath of black tarmac was laid across the courtyard. Apparently some of the paving tiles were loose..the answer was to dig 'em up and replace them with a horrible stretch of the blackstuff. It looks diabolical and we've had no end of people asking "Why on earth did they....?"

There are some more attractive buildings in this small seaside town.

This next photo is of the beauty salon where I get my toes done, which is part of the train station complex. The last snap is of the Barclays Bank building. West Kirby was not looking its best - I must take some more photos on a sunnier day!

My Thursday night pal the Wildcat is away teaching leaving me bereft and forced to spend the evening with P. Actually, it was ok...we watched ER with K. Now I'm off for an early night!


RUTH said...

i must agree the grey drab building is not a patch on the others. Sleep well

Kaycee said...

Oh, I like the charming older buildings the best! You remind me that I should take some photos of local buildings, too.

I am going to watch ER tonight, too. I hope that it is a new episode!

david santos said...

Hello, cg!
This work is fantastic. Thank you
Have a good weekend