Monday, April 09, 2007

The gates to the Kitchen Garden at Eaton Hall
We visited Eaton Hall on Sunday with P's parents. The Duke of Westminster lives here - some of the time! I liked the way the black and gold of the gates stood out against the blue skies this afternoon. There was lots of blossom out but as it was breezy it was difficult to photograph.

By the river

Old judge
This grumpy looking chap was surrounded by this wonderfully contorted abd twisted vine but he didn't look too impressed!

The fountains

The Hall with the Clock Tower behind it
This was one of my favourite shots of the day. I loved the way the trees framed the buildings.

Statues in the Lake
The light was really harsh on these statues but I took the photo anyway! They have only been in place about 9 years.

Another view of the Hall and clocktower.
There have been several versions of Eaton Hall on this site. The lates one was built around the shell of the 60s version which was a bit ugly to say the least - looked more "Dallas" than England!

After our visit to the estate we had our first BBQ of the season. Despite a disaster with undefrosted chicken it all went ok. It's been another beautiful sunny day here - what a great Easter we are having.

Update on K - apparently she has cracked a rib from coughing so much! So Edmonton Hospital has admitted her. Thanks for all your thoughts; she would be so touched!

I didn't sleep much last night as my cat Ollie is missing. He has never been absent so long. I'm fearing the worst but hope he is just shut in some where and will be home later.


RUTH said...

I do hope you find Ollie! Fingers crossed for you. Could smell the first BBQs of the year around here yesterday.

Kaycee said...

Eaton Hall is such a magnificant place! I enjoyed viewing your photos.
Thanks for the update about K. I will continue to keep her in my thougths and prayers.
I hope that Ollie has returned safe and sound.

Akelamalu said...

Great pictures. Love the statues in the lake. Hope you have found Ollie safe and well.

Memories Catcher said...

Great shots.Beautiful place.Great colors and composition.Good job!