Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ram's head
This was my favourite photo from Eaton Hall. I tried various apertures and angles but I liked this the best. I love the lichen in his nooks and crannies.

I noticed this chubby little face peeping down from the edge of this statue in the wildflower garden.

The lichen on this really added to the timeless feel, I think. I love the graceful folds of her veil and the way she seems to be looking into the far distance.

i am taking the girls and their friends iceskating today.

UPDATE: P just phoned me with some incredibly sad news about a work colleague. It seems to me that Easter has been a time of great loss and sadness to a number of people and others are struggling with worries and anxieties. I am sitting here trying to make sense of everything and thinking about love and friendship. There is so much pain but there is so much love too. I read it in the blogs I visit every day, I see it in online communities like DPC and TPC, and I experience it from family, friends and even from my animals. As Talj says on her blog "....a reminder to make the most of every moment and to tell those who mean the most to you, you love them. None of us know whats around the corner"


Kaycee said...

I am sorry to hear about P's work colleague. I guess that I am feeling the same about life as you are at the moment, CG.

Your photos of the different statues show the wonderful details as well as the contrast between the stone and lichen. I find statue are so interesting to photograph.

Akelamalu said...

Love the photos.

Sorry to hear you've had bad news.

JAM said...

I like all of these, but like the ram on top best. This looks like a great place for wandering and "burning film." I bet I could fill my 2GB memory card there.

Nice shots.

RUTH said...

I agree these are superb..I love the lichen and that "old" feel to the statues. I'm really sorry to hear that you have had even more sad news...
sending massive {{{HUGS}}} and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Anna said...

I love that rams head! Nice shots!