Saturday, June 02, 2007

First teapot
This is a replica of one of the first teapots ever made, and it came from the British Museum shop.
Many of my larger teapots come from the Teapottery
One of my favourites is one shaped like an Airstream trailer. I have another shaped like a computer monitor that sits on its own little shelf above my desk here. Now I just need to find a teapot shaped like a camera....!
I just watched the last episode of "Life on Mars". I'm so sorry I've seen them all now. I feel like I've said goodbye to some old friends.

I am typing this on our new laptop. P got it yesterday.I like it a lot..... I am finding my usual one finger typing hard to do on it so am attempting to use more than one finger. The girls and Ihave set up our own user profiles on it which was fun.


RUTH said...

This one is sweet...sounds like you've quite a collection. I'll keep my eyes open for a camera shaped one.Hope the weather's as good for you as it is down here.

JAM said...

I love the photo of the teapot.

Also, we get Life On Mars via BBC America, and Number Two Daughter and I like to watch it.