Friday, June 01, 2007

Catblogging Friday rolls around again...

...and here is Shea hunting frogs. We have renamed him "Fluffy the Frog Slayer".

made a lovely post earlier this week about making friends on the Internet, specifically via Blogging. I just wanted to say I agree and I'm so pleased to be able to visit my blog friends in their world and share a little bit of their lives. And thanks to everyone who stops by and leaves a comment here - every single one is much appreciated!

Have a wonderful June 1st everyone!


Akelamalu said...

Fluffy the Frogslayer - Hahaha

June 1st already and the weather is gorgeous - will it last though?

Have a great day.

RUTH said...

I love that name!!!'ve a great sense of humour! Great weather here too.

JAM said...

We have lots of lizards here in Florida. I've said that lizards must be the most stupid critters on the planet. Otherwise word would have gotten out there's a cat, Sassy, who loves hunting and eating them, and they would avoid our house like the plague.

Nope. Tons of 'em every year. They're crunchy when she eats them.

Faye Pekas said...

I like Fluffy the Frog Slayer's tail. If I followed your lead here I would have a dog named "Callie the dead-rotten-stinky bird eater"

Gledwood said...

crazy froghopping cat!¬!