Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Catblogging Friday!

I didn't blog yesterday as I had a very, very busy day at work; in fact I worked through my lunch and tea breaks and came home early in order to spend a couple of hours editing some pics I took of the author Katie Fforde when she spoke at the library the other week. I was really nervous about yesterday as I had an event on in the afternoon as well as Bounce & Rhyme but in the end it went well...phew!

I have been asked to photograph a wedding. I'm second choice really as P can't do it because he'll be away taking photos for the commision. It's our niece getting married in late October. I'm terrified! But the good news is...I won't have to be in any of the photos!!

These photos were taken by P. It's Basil pretending to be an ornament on our Welsh dresser. He is feeling a lot better and his personality is developing but he doesn't know how to play...obviously no-one played with him when he was a kitten.

As it's been so cold and miserable we put the heating on and both cats have been loving the radiators; they deserted our laps to lie in the hall. Fickle beasts!

Tonight I'm off to the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, to see "The Tempest" with Pete Postlethwaite. It's a work thing and some of our reading group are going so it should be a good night. TGIF!


JoAnn said...

Hi Julie,
The cat is amazing modelling, he 's having a talent for that haha! I like cats.

Hmmm Lucky you, that you are selected to photograph a wedding.

Have a fine weekend, thanks for visiting my blog, I like your commenting.

Greetings JoAnn

Akelamalu said...

Loved the picture of the cat!

You're just down the road from me tonight, we're only 12 miles from Manchester. Have a great night. :)

RUTH said...

Oh I love your Welsh Dresser...(envy) the photos and enjoy "The Tempest"...the weather's been a bit like that lately.

AB said...

What a lovely ornament - err... cat! - on your Welsh dresser (I love Welsh dressers). Basil's adorable.

Hope you have a wonderful time tonight; looking forward to reading about the show in your blog!

Love and {{HUGS}}


Kaycee said...

Basil is adorable! What beautiful markings.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I love Basil!!! What a character. I hope you are feeling better and your worries have sorted themselves out. I was born worrying too so we have that in common as well LOL.

Tell S I love the pictures of her riding, brings back so many memories of me at that age and unfortunately I dont have any pictures to look back on.



Faye Pekas said...

Basil looks like he has a HUGE tail. I love his markings. :)

Carmi said...

Basil is such a sweet cat. I have no doubt that you will teach him how to play in short order. Similarly, the puppy we rescued had been left in a crate for 18 hours a day. This went on for six months, from when they got him from the breeder to when we brought him home. We've spent a huge amount of time reteaching him everything for the last 4 months. Thankfully, he's adjusting well, and is such a sweet little thing.

I'm glad we were able to get to him before the damage was permanent. He's sitting by my laptop as I tap this out in bed on a quiet Saturday morning. Life is good: thanks for the timely reminder.

(And congrats on the wedding shoot! We can talk sometime if you want, as I've shot weddings before as well, and would be happy to share whatever I've got between my ears. Let me know and we can get some time in Google Talk...)

JAM said...

Basil is a cutie, glad he's doing well.

We have a poodle that was in a pet crate for the first 4 or 5 months of her life, except for being let out for nature calls, and she doesn't know how to play either.

She's several years old now, and for a long time what we thought was some aggression on her part, we now are convinced is her trying to play. She just never got to when she was a little thing, but she is a sweetie, and loves to be held.

Great shots here.

I've shot three weddings, and it's a bit nerve wracking, but I've gotten less stressed about such things with age. At least middle age is giving me some benefits.