Saturday, June 30, 2007

Eaton Hall of the back entrances!

Another cottage on the Eaton Estate - love those windows!

Another wet and gloomy day here. I'm tired as i didn't get back from Manchester until nearly one this morning. The play was really well done. I love the Royal Exchange Theatre. The set was very mimimal and so were the props but the lighting and sound were all very effective. Pete Postletwaite was excellent and so were the actors playing Ariel and Caliban. "The Tempest" is one of my favourite plays (someone once described it as a storm in a teacup which i think is apt) but all the same it was a lovely night out. Just wish P could have joined me.

This morning we went shopping for S's birthday and now it's off to riding!


Akelamalu said...

Lovely shots. Glad you had a good night at the Royal Exchange.

JoAnn said...

Hi Julie,
The weather will not change so you used your time well, by going to theatre.

I visited also your website, beautiful and impressing ! They layout is clear and roomy, I also red 'how you started with photography' that could be my story. You can visit mine.I wonder what you think about it? whats your emai adress, than I can mail the adress to you ...

Good weekend, JoAnn

RUTH said...

Puts my back gate to shame! Glad you had a good evening and hope the weather improves for the riding.

Kaycee said...

Thanks for posting the Eaton Hall photos! I wish that I could jump on a plane and visit Eaton Hall! I am glad that you enjoyed the play.

Pat said...

So nice to see these. Jack and I were on those grounds so often.