Saturday, June 23, 2007

I saw this pretty little clump of flowers in a rock garden and really liked them. Another dull and gloomy day here. Am looking forward to some California sunshine!
P is busy decorating K's bedroom. First we had to clear out a load of stuff. She is a real hoarder. I'm quite intrigued by the things she keeps and the reasons why.
S is a being incredibly moody. I guess it must be her age? She is constantly sounding agrieved and flouncing out of rooms; slamming doors etc. She won't lift a finger to help me with anything in the house :( I know she's having a hard time at school so I guess this is just the fallout from that.
What age should kids start helping around the house? i don't want to ruin their lives with tons of chores but the girls do nothing except occasionally tidy their rooms and push the Hoover around. What chores would be reasonable for them to do? At their age I was cooking and washing up and hoovering. I didn't do lots as mum was a full time housewife.


RUTH said...

These are really pretty; they look like Rhodohypoxis and would be nice in your rockery. Leanne has the same problem with her girls; Phil is really tidy in his own room but the girls!!!! She's started a blog now...I'll tell her to drop by your blog if she has any hints!
I'm the world's worst hoarder...I always save things just in case I need them one day. Hope the decorating goes well.

JAM said...

The photograph of the flowers is beautiful.

We have two daughters and for years from when they were 8 and older we had a chart showing what chores they were responsible for during the week. Each daughter hated and liked some chores so we tried not to make them do the one's they hated so much. They were always responsible for their room's cleanliness and each had to clean the kitchen, vacuum, take out trash, dust and whatnot. If the chores weren't done, then they didn't get to go out with friends. After missing a few outings, they realized we were serious and although the tantrums never completely disappeared, the chores got done. Having a chart of responsibilities on the refridgerator left them no excuse to say, "I didn't know I was supposed to..."