Thursday, July 05, 2007

I went to visit T in Leeds a couple of weeks ago; we went to Hull for the day and on the way back decided to drive into town to visit Pizza Hut. I was stressed about parking in town but we managed to find a great parking space and just opposite I spotted this great building. It's been such a busy week for me this week I've struggled to take any pics but remembered these two from my (recent)archives.

The second shot is of a friend's hands. It was actually a photo that included her face but like me she is camera shy - so although she looks great and there is a wonderful look of concentration on her face; I've cropped it to just show her hands as she takes a photo with her phone camera.


JoAnn-NL said...

Hi CG , The old building looks nice,( French style?) I also enjoy the discribing you gave.

The close-up photo(under) is so typical 'these days', like everybody seems to have a digital 'toy': a cell, camera, Ipod, Mp3... you name it...


talj said...

I recognise those rings ;o) Great shot of the building, I have noticed it a few times and have been wondering for a while what would make a good composition! When I can carry my camera out again I'll have to take a few shots.

I actually really like the shot of the hands, dont know why! Wonder what they will look like after they've had their nails 'played with'!

Love you sweetheart xxx

JAM said...

Love the old building, you certainly don't see outdoor clocks like that much in America any more.

About the only ones are digital ones out in front of banks, and even those seem to be disappearing.

I always get the simplest free phone that AT&T offers. Mine has no camera or any other bells and whistles. I have only four names/numbers programmed into it, and my wife did that for me. This shameful lack of understanding of cell phones would be normal if I weren't an engineer. Thing is, I can remember numbers easily, and still remember phone numbers and addresses of mine and even childhood friends, so if I want to call someone, I know their number. I've told people, my life would be easier if we were given numbers instead of names at birth. I have lots of trouble with names.