Sunday, July 01, 2007

Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

I took my camera with me to the theatre as it's such a special building. The actual theatre is built in the round with several galleries - a futuristic metal structure. Right above is this glorious skylight. Yes, it was actually SUNNY in on Friday evening.....hard to believe, I know.

We got some really heavy bursts of rain yesterday. I can't remember such a wet June before. Lets hope July is better!

The attempted terrorism attacks here in the UK have terrified me. I try to be brave but they do scare me. Especially as P goes to London all the time and we are flying soon...

I'll pray for courage and for and end to terrorism.

Anyway, welcome to July everyone and have a lovely Sunday!


RUTH said...

Hang on a sec; just got to look up the word "sunny"...oh yes now I remember what it means...LOL
Such a great photo...almost looks like a flying saucer (not that I've seen one of those). The bomb scares are worrying. With Leanne living and working in a Garrison town I really worry; and sometimes the kids stay with their Dad on the camp. Mick and I travelled back from Spain a few days after 9/11...Mick hated plane travel and when he saw Nuns praying on the plane it really freaked him out...reminiscent of the Airplane disaster movies! I'm sure you needn't worry though; security will be very stringent.Have a good day whatever the weather

AB said...

Wow - sunshine! Lovely :) Here's hoping July is nicer.... at least the 22nd :D

I find the recent spate of terrorist attacks frightening as well. I've just decided that scum like them are not going to stop me enjoying my life; if I let them do that, then they've won. {{HUG}} I do admit that with our trip to Canada coming up in December, it's on my mind too though....


Akelamalu said...

Great shot!

It is scary what has been happening over the past few days! However, I don't intend letting it stop me from doing what I want to do, when I want to do it!

Leanne said...

i agree with all the above, why cant some people just realise how precious life is. thanks for all you comments. lets hope july brings lots of sunshine, my poor plants must be wondering whats going on! have a good day x

Kaycee said...

Julie, I love the way you captured the light in your theatre photo! Well done! I hope that you have better summer weather soon.

The people of London and the UK are in my thoughts and prayers. Terrorist attacks are all too close to home after Sept. 11, 2001. I live almost 300 miles from NYC, but it was much too close!

Carmi said...

OMG do I LOVE this photo. Geometry, light and drama...all in one. I wish I could compose as well as you do.

I'm terrified for you, too. I keep thinking of what it must be like to live right where all this is happening. I pray for an end to this madness, that reason will prevail and the dark people who do dark things will recede from our midst.

I think we'll all be praying for a while. Please know I'm thinking of you and wishing you only good things.

Faye Pekas said...

CG, I am so sorry you have to be afraid of terrorist attacks. This is such a hard time for mankind. Not so long ago we were safe from fear.. its such a different world now.

This is a beautiful building :)

JoAnn said...

Hi Julie,

Beautiful shot, I like the different coloured windows, how could you make a photo ?Here in Holland its forbidden to make photo's in all theatre's.

On Sunday was "Diana's concert" on Tv, did you know? Everywhere there was security, glad nothing happened.

I am afraid July will not stay dry..., who knows? Sun-clouds- sun... w'll better go south ?(France)

JAM said...

That's a dynamite shot! Love the lines and the colors.

Since Anna is on hiatus, I guess you're giving us our dose of "looking up" photography.

Anna said...

YOU KNOW I LOVE THIS! :) Great shot and new header! Hope you are well Julie!

Pat said...

I really, really like this photo Julie. And I like it in the heading of your blog. Amazing to see all the squares, lines and angles.

I am praying right now with all of the terrorism scares going on. It's horrible to listen to.