Saturday, July 07, 2007

Today it finally brightened up but it was still windy, so instead of braving the gales around the Marine Lake I took a walk in Ashton Park. This charming park is a hidden jewel of West Kirby. It's always a delight to wander around it. Beside the park runs a coastal footpath called the Wirral Way. Under one of the bridges crossing over the path I saw these two examples of graffiti which really appealed to me.

Also in the park, I came across a book lying on a bench, sealed in a plastic bag. I was delighted to see it was a book someone had released for BOOKCROSSING. It's a P G Wodehoue story I've not read so I'm going to take it to the US with me and release it over there! It will be fun to see what happens to it as I can check its progress on the website. Bookcrossing is a great idea; why not check out the website and release one of your books into the wild?

Tonight I'm off out with part of the Helsby Coven for a "Cruise Night" at the Forest Hills.


JoAnn-NL said...

Hi cg/J,
I like graffiti very much, they are 'a kind of creative art' My 'hus' made once a lot of photo's from graffiti on buildings in Amsterdam. All the graffiti is gone by now, but....his photo's saved the graffiti(art), so you better be carefull with this photo's.

I named it perhaps, that I added your bloglink on my blog.

Greetings JoAnn

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie - I'm lovin' your graffiti pictures. Hope you've had a good week end. Speak soon. Lots of love CH

RUTH said...

Graffiti is such a great art form of self expression. A Cruise Night sounds like tell more.

Pat said...

Julie, I've never heard of Bookcrossing. Thanks for the link. That's so interesting. I'm going to read up on it.

Anna said...

I found some graffiti in Italy that I shot. I liked it. These are cool Julie.

JAM said...

Graffiti does look interesting. Lots of talented painters with a spray can, and I can only draw stick people. I'd hate for them to graffiti on my house or something though.

The view of the park at the top is amazing; such a clear day and the plants all lush and colorful.

The book crossing thing sounds neat. I like the idea.