Sunday, September 02, 2007

I have a real "thing" for Airstream Trailers. I'm not sure why but I do remember reading a novel years ago in which one featured and it was so well-desrcibed I at once wanted to buy one. Some years ago Phil bought me a beautiful teapot from The Teapottery in the shape of an Airstream and it's design was authenticated by the company. One of my dreams is to travel across America with one of these beautful trailers.

I was thrilled to see TWO of them outside In & Out Burger on our way back from LA. I was sorely tempted to go and confess my obsession to the guy who owned one of them but the girls said he'd think I was some weird English nutcase.

Yesterday I was off to Chester Races with C. Almost ready; I suddenly heard a commotion downstairs. I rushed down to find P wrestling with Basil; who had a mouse clenched in his teeth. He'd brought it inside the house. He wouldn't drop it!He'd already clawed P pretty badly but we didn't want him eating the mouse in case it had been poisoned. Eventually, I stuck my finger in the corner of his mouth and attempted to prise open his jaws - very hard to do! When they opened a little, Sian pulled out the mouse with a bit of kitchen paper. UGH! I think S deserves full marks for courage for actually pulling out the mouse...which I was too chicken to do! Basil was really upset with us, of course.

Mouse incident aside, it was a great day. I didn't win anything at the Races but it was lovely spending time with C. She came back for a BBQ and the rest of the evening too. This morning I've been invited to the Wildcat's for brunch. Must go and find a suitable brunch outfit...!


RUTH said...

Glad you had such a good day even though you didn't win :o( I've never seen an Airstream Trailer before; these are very shiny. Hope one day you get to live your dream :o) At the time of reading this post I can actually smell a BBQ!!!

picperfic said...

that caravan looks like a time capsule! Horrid mouse story but would have been fun to watch I think!! eek!!

JAM said...

People buy and restore the old ones too. I've always thought they were wonderful looking.

Airstream trailers invoke a desire to hit the open road.

I'd be willing to bet, despite the risk of embarrassing your kids, the owners would have loved to show it to you. Beside, all kids need a good bit of embarrassing from time to time anyway.