Saturday, September 01, 2007

Thanks to Mrs Nesbitt for this award. I really appreciate Mrs N. I'm passing it on to the most creative blogger I know, picperfic Visit her blog and feast your eyes on all the gorgeous craft things she makes as well as her stunning photography.

I took this photo just off Hollywood Boulevard. From this Mall we got a view of the famous Hollywood sign.

Today I'm off to the Chester races with C, then she's coming back for a BBQ afterwards; P is cooking ribs again - yum. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. It's hard to believe it's already September! Here's wishing for an Indian summer!!

I hope all my American friends have a happy and restful Labor Day weekend.


KMF said...

nice blog and photos

photowannabe said...

Great picture of the Kodak elephant. Thats an amazing mall gallery isn't it?

picperfic said...

oh J, you are so kind...I will put that award on my blog with pride! Thank you. I'm loving your photos too :)

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Cj,
Wow! my happy congrats with your thirth award this week! But you are a great person/photograper and a good blogfriend.

The 'joke' about September made me laugh, hmmm September did not started wellfor (I have the flu + Bowel infeceted again) so I could use a laugh Julie.

Have a smiling Sunday :) JoAnn

RUTH said...

Wonderful elephant. I see from photowannabee's comment that it the Kodak elephant...very impressive!