Tuesday, October 09, 2007

These little fellas are amongst my top five zoo animals! They are endlessly entertaining and very photogenic. They seemed to positively revel in having lots of long lens pointed at them on Sunday. Sadly Phil had our long lens on his D80 so this is the best I was able to do with my limited resources!

Yesterday I was very busy clearing out and rearranging kitchen cupboards. I find this type of task curiously satisfying especially when I'm listening to a talking book.

Two books I ordered from Amazon on knitting cushions and afghans arrived today. They look a little beyond me but I'll give them a try....

In the evening, Phil, the Wildcat and I all went to the local photographic society to hear the WC's dad give a really fascinating talk on his favourite photos. However there was a power cut at home and as we were in the WC's car, she took Phil home before returning to the talk. I felt really awkward and shy at the club. Just lately I seem to have lost a lot of confidence in social situations. I'm ashamed of myself and angry with myself for feeling this way; you'd think at my age I'd have got over these stupid childish feelings. I feel I let Phil and the WC down by being so quiet and I'm wishing so much I could do things differently...but I can't :( All I can do is try to behave better next time.

Kate has been writing a story for school; she showed it to me and I was stunned by its quality. Her vocabulary is superb and she shows a really powerful style. I'm very proud of her!

Good news today, my lovely mum in law had a very important test on her heart function and nothing terrible was discovered...she has angina but the doctors are hoping to manage it medically. I'm praying they will be able to get her feeling better soon and relieved the test wasn't as awful as she had feared.


picperfic said...

I'm glad you put 'Marmot' in the tags because i htought it was a beaver! You are not alone in the silly shy silence department, I do that too, in situations where I don't know anyone. Glad you MIL is ok, hope she gets her angina sorted.

picperfic said...

oh and i see you're about to embark on some knitting....good for you!

picperfic said...
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Faye Pekas said...

So this is a marmot. I've never seen one. He looks like a rabbit without ears :) Very photogenic as you say.

RUTH said...

Oh I love that photo..he looks so cute! I keep yelling myself I should start knitting again but just never get round to it...good luck to you!
I'm shy in crowds and can never think of anything to say :o(
Well done to Kate; no doubt your love of books has helped with her vocabulary and glad to hear your mum-in-laws tests went well. Wishing her my best.

Memories Catcher said...

Funny shot.I like it!

Mafia Wife said...

The shot is great! Does that mean on the next outing, you get dibs on the long lens, I hope?! LOL!

artisbliss said...

This looks so much like a prairie dog! We have them all over Kansas, in fact they're a real problem for ranchers because the holes they dig can cause cattle to break their legs. They are quite cute, though.

Glad your MIL's tests came out good. My own MIL had valve replacement surgery a year ago this month. Although she was dreading it (of course) it has really improved her quality of life. She says she feels she's good for many more years to come.

Akelamalu said...

I used to do a lot of knitting but I haven't done any for years. Perhaps I'll take it up again.

Great to hear the good news about your mum. :0

JAM said...

I wasn't sure what this critter was either, my guess was prairie dog. Though that might be what a marmot is.

I love his expression. He looks like a kid with chocolate on the corners of his mouth.

I avoid social situations, and I always have. I still get nervous going to church and I've been there many hundreds of times in the last 11 years. I figure if I still get nervous, I probably always will.

Gledwood said...

Wow... one of my distant relatives!!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Glad to hear your Mom in Law had positive results, such a relief.

Dont feel bad, I am very uncomfortable in group situations. I avoid crowded places and people I dont know, have a big inferiority complex, so I know how you feel, dont feel bad about it, just deal with it as best you can.

I also sometimes find solace in just doing repetitive mundane stuff which I can turn my mind off while doing and just get them done, relaxes me sometimes so no that doesnt sound strange to me at all.

What is this little creature, it reminds me of a rock rabbit like the ones we got in Africa.