Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happiness is.....a big bunch of shiny balloons at the Zoo!
Today P, S and I met up with a group of people from the Photographers Corner at Chester Zoo. The weather was beautiful; warm and sunny without a breath of wind, and in very congenial company we wandered around looking at the animals and the planting in the zoo grounds.I had a really great time chatting to everyone. Some people I have met before, some are old friends and some I only met today but it was wonderful spending time with them all.

I am feeling tired now after my day in the open air; I have had a cold all week and am coughing so badly at night neither P nor I are getting much sleep! Poor man had to reture to the sofa last night :(

The doctors say K is improving a little - thanks to everyone for your good wishes! They mean so much!


AB said...

I am so glad to hear K is improving - she's in my thoughts and prayers.

I know how you feel about the cold; I'm fighting one off, along with flu-like symptoms and have been feeling rotten for the past week or so and not getting much sleep at all. Hey ho, back to work tomorrow all the same.

Glad you had a great day today! :) It's always wonderful to have meets like that.

{{HUGS}} Hope you feel better soon!

Gledwood said...

I'm going to get my smallest hammy, Baby Itchy, tie her into a paper cup with strings, hot air baloon basket stylee and suspend her using one of those baloons... how entertaining it will be.. especially when I film it for youtube!!

Akelamalu said...

Your day at the zoo sounds lovely.

Good to hear that K is improving, I'll keep her on my Reiki list. x

artisbliss said...

Love the photo. It reminds me of childhood trips to the carnival..I seem to taste cotton candy and caramel apples when I look at it! Glad for better news regarding K. I'll continue to pray for her. I hope you are feeling much better today.

photowannabe said...

CG I hope you get rested and stop that coughing soon. So happy you had a good day at the zoo. Love the bright colored balloons. Great composition.

picperfic said...

those balloons look so pretty against your blue background! Hope you feel better soon...x

JAM said...

What an explosion of color. I love it.

Sorry that y'all are not feeling well, I sure hope you all bet better soon.

RUTH said...

Good to hear K is improving but sorry that you're not feeling on top form yourself. Glad the weather was good for the Zoo trip. Next Tuesday I'm off to Sutton Hoo on a trip with the local school and hope the weather's better than it is today...raining, grey and positively Yukky! Love that photo of the colourful balloons :o)