Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's been an interesting few days....!

The boiler is fixed, thank goodness, only a very minor fault! The kitchen is also finished - the men came and did the last little bits on Friday. Our family party on Saturday ended up being cancelled as my mother-in-law was really ill and she was supposed to be putting up several of the guests overnight. Luckily the wildcat and family came round Saturday evening to watch the final of "Strictly Come Dancing" and ate some of the party food!

Some of the fairy lights have stopped working, the fibre-optic tree in the dining room has died and the washing machine is playing up. Why oh why does everything mechanical seem to go wrong at Christmas? Phil and I drove all over the place earlier in search of replacement lights and a new tree!

It's been a beautiful frosty, sunny day here, hence the picture above. Tonight I think we'll be wrapping presents and early tomorrow I'm picking up the final bits of groceries for Christmas Day.

I hope all your preparations are going smoothly and that all your electrical goods are behaving themselves...have a wonderful Christmas Eve!


Akelamalu said...

Aint it a bugger when things go wrong at this time of year????

Hope you get everything fixed up and have a Wonderful Christmas x

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi MY dear,

Well some things are fixed but being ill cannot be fixed , anyway I hope the weather can inspire you to feel your feelings ( better I hope) The christmas days are differ for anyone, I hope NO, I wish you feel OK, my friend!

I want to wish YOU and D. a merry Christmas, you might celebrate this with your friends or family or both, I posted some Christmas decorations, on my blog with Happy celebrations, come and look,

With the BEST Christmas-greetings

Quiet Rage said...

Glad your furnace is fixed. Have an extra cup of eggnog and let tomorrow and Christmas day play out.