Monday, December 24, 2007


This little figure is one of three on the grave of Constance Edwina, a former Duchess of Westminster. I love the sad and pleading expression. I think my own face wore a similar expression in Tesco's this morning as I searched IN VAIN for - fresh cranberries, turnips and gift labels. I guess we are having cranberry sauce out of a jar, ready-prepared carrot and turnip mash and a game of "guess who this present is for?" tomorrow! This will teach me not to leave buying certain essentials until Christmas Eve again. However it's not as bad as the Christmas Eve Sainsbury's ran out of POTATOES!!!

Have you ever been unable to buy that Christmas essential on Christmas Eve?
I'm sure once I get stuck into the Buck's Fizz tomorrow morning I won't care about anything much except having my family around me and a lovely lazy day ahead (once I've cooked the dinner of course!!)

We are off to spend Christmas Eve night with the Wildcat...we had such a great evening last year so it should be FUN!

Every year Santa takes up residence at The Photographer's Corner to answer letters from our members. My reply was really funny this year and I'll reproduce it below...
Follow the link to check out the other replies!

Dear Julie,

I thought that I may well be receiving another letter from you. By another I do not mean of course since last year, as you well know, I mean since last week! Your pursuit of me is futile and I must ask you to call a stop to it now. I am a one woman man and before you jump to any conclusions, by that I mean Mrs Claus.

And as if you think I am not wise to your behaviour. This is not my first visit to the site you know. I have seen how you try and entrap the other men on the site by your, as you yourself admit, shameless flirtations! You and I both know it is only because you are after their equipment. You need to be more selective though as not everyone's will fit your mount. I beg you, try and restrain yourself.

Having said all that it is true that you are an asset to the site. You may think you have your knockers, but I certainly would never be amongst them! Your efforts on the site are gratefully received, long may you keep it up.

With regards your Christmas list, I think that you may have accidentally sent me last years, since I am sure I delivered a Radley item last year. And the year before that I believe?

As for the cookbook requested, are you aiming to become a domestic deity? The lens I can understand, as with the monopod. The horse? Now seriously where would you keep it? I appreciate that you have watched International Velvet 347 times, but that is taking it a little too far. Rudolph adds that it is obvious he would be second choice, and he does not play second fiddle to anyone these days (he's never been the same since that foggy Christmas Eve). I must also say that your choice in cars is a bit, well, a bit chavvy.

Thank you for my sticky toffee pudding, I will try and remember to trim my beard before eating it this time. Rudolph is looking forward to his fruit&veg medley.

This year I shall be leaving you a copy of 'The Fine Art of Flirting' by Joyce Jillson. I am hoping that it may refine your technique. And also '100 Ways a Horse is Better than a Man' by Tina Bettison. I am hoping it may redirect your energies.

Have a tastefully reserved Christmas.



K M F said...

and happy christmas

photowannabe said...

Ah...the adventures of Christmas Eve. That's what makes life interesting...our resourcefulness...enjoy your family...that's what its all about anyway.

Anonymous said...

Love the reply from Santa! LOL.

Have a great Christmas Honey. Lots of love
CH. xxx

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Thnaks Julie,
For sharing this great letter/post,

I wish you a Merry christmas and you are a great blogpall to me, thanks for your photography and always supportive words, Take care and enjoy being together with your family:)


Kerri said...

That top shot is quite stirring!

And Oh My, The letter from funny!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I look foward to blogging with you in the New Year!!

AB said...

Merry Christmas Julie!

Thinking of you from over here across the pond, where we're having a WHITE Christmas! :)


artisbliss said...

I LOVE the photo of the figure on the duchess' grave. May have to do something artsy with that...

I absolutely detest shopping for anything the few days prior to Christmas, and when you can't find what you're looking for it seems all that "peace on earth, good will toward men" goes right out the window!