Monday, December 31, 2007

The photo is of a church window, taken on Saturday at a wedding shoot.

Well, this is the last day of 2007. A good time to reflect on the year past. I just looked at my entry for the start of 2007 and see I was suffering with my joints and post-holiday depression!! No change there then! I thought I'd try to look at both the positives and negatives of 2007.

  • My joint pain is increasing and my periods of depression are harder to escape.
  • My darling cat Ollie was run over and killed.
  • Two friendships that were very important to me ended - one very abruptly and painfully and the other just slipped away...and I miss them both.
  • Terrible gales damaged our roof and scared me rigid!
  • Two ponies from the riding school died of colic.
  • Phil has been away a lot and I miss him.
  • Our cat Tiggy was put to sleep aged 19.
  • We didn't get a chance to go camping.

  • I upgraded to a DSLR and have never regretted it.
  • Phil got a commission from the Duchess of Westminster
  • I have photographed 3 weddings; one as main photographer and two as an assistant.
  • We had the most wonderful 3 week holiday in the US.
  • We met Mafia Wife and her lovely family.
  • We acquired Basil, our weird but adorable cat.
  • I am still emailing my brother.
  • I started volunteering for Riding for the Disabled in March and I LOVE it!
  • I learned to untack and rug up horses.
  • I learned about apertures and shutter speeds.
  • We started a weekly Book at Breakfast session at work which has been very successful as well as great fun.
  • Had a great visit to FOCUS and met old and new friends.
  • We got our drive resurfaced.
  • I am blessed with two daughters becoming young women to be proud of.
  • I rediscovered the pleasures of knitting.
  • We went to Wrigley Field.
  • I took the whole family to see the musical Chicago and it was magical.
  • I read the final Harry Potter book.
  • We installed a beautiful fireplace in the dining room.
  • I started a garden blog.
  • I went on a "Big Cat" day with photographers from the Corner and got to stroke a lion!
  • I discovered sushi.
  • I completed another Race for Life.
  • We had a magical day at Universal Studios.
  • We have had many happy curry or pizza fuelled evenings with the Wildcat & Co.
  • We started Baby Bounce sessions at the library and I now sing in public!!
  • Phil and I have been married 19 years.
  • We had a lovely few days in the Lakes at Easter with the Wildcat and family.
  • We redecorated Kate's bedroom and reorganised the study.
  • Saw the QE2 in Liverpool
  • Phil sold some photos at craft fairs and online
  • The girls and I took our first holiday without Phil; a weekend in the Lakes.
  • I have made some wonderful blog friends.
  • My niece Steph got married.
  • I helped Phil photograph a festival in Northop.
  • Karen has fought her way through illness with inspiring courage.
  • I finally managed to read "The Mill on the Floss" and "A Christmas Carol".
  • Carolyn and I had a fun day at Chester Races.
  • It is magic when Phil returns home from a trip and we are together again.
  • Sian is still delighting me with her riding.
  • Our kitchen has been redone!
  • I have got to know CH better and I love spending time with her.
  • I made my peace with an old quarrel and rediscovered some lost friends.
  • I get to spend New Year's Eve with Jane and her family and mine.
There has been sadness this year and many tears, many hours of despair, but looking at my lists helps me to see it's been a pretty wonderful year, and one to be grateful for.

I wish all my wonderful blog friends all the best for 2008 and I hope we can share the ups and downs as we shared those of 2007.


artisbliss said...

I'm glad to see your positives outweigh your negatives for 2007. I hope the negatives list for 2008 is even shorter.

I appreciate our now longstanding friendship, Jules. You bring a fun dimension to my life that I wouldn't have otherwise. You are a lovely, lovely person and have so much talent and caring qualities to offer. I'm glad I know you.

PS: I'd gladly send you some of our snow!

Quiet Rage said...

Yes, I'm glad your positives outweigh your negatives. Here's to hoping the best of 2007 is the worst for 2008!

AB said...

It is wonderful to see how heavily the positives of 2007 outweigh the negatives. Although negatives are never easy to bear, having your wonderful family and many friends around you make it more bearable.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2008 - may the saddest days of your future be no worse than the happiest days of your past.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Julie Lots of love CH xx

picperfic said...

so many positives! Hope your health improves...Happy New Year to you and yours! x

Akelamalu said...

The list of +'s is longer than the list of -'s :)

Wishing you A HAPPY NEW YEAR and everything that's good x

photowannabe said...

Thanks for your honesty and thoughtful post. Life does seem to be full of ups and downs but I'm glad you found more on the positive side to write about.
Mended broken relationships will do much to put a smile on that heart of yours.Its encouraging. Here's a smile(: ) for you and a great big hug {{{HUGS}}}
Looking forward to your posts in 2008.

Anna said...

Great list! I love that church always pays off to look up! :) Have a happy New Year!

Pat said...

Happy New Year, Julie! Sorry I've been absent a lot from your blog but I hope to remedy that in the coming year.

What a great list. So glad you have such a long "Positive" list!

Again, Happy New Year!