Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

This is one of my sister in law's Cavaliers, it's either Heidi or Gemma...sorry, girls, I can't remember which (and Phil took this photo!)

Last night we had a lovely evening with Jane and her two wonderful boys. We played Buzz and Pictionary and chatted lots. There were lots of fireworks to enjoy in Helsby at midnight and then off we went to bed.

Today we visited Phil's family in West Kirby and this evening watched the first part of the new dramatisation of "Sense and Sensibility".

Something new for my blog in 2008 is that I'm going to attempt list all the books I've enjoyed reading during the year. I would love it if any of my blog readers recommend books to me. I've very varied tastes and I'll try anything pretty much! Or if you read and enjoy any of the book I list please let me know. The first book of the year is "The man who ate the 747" by Ben Sherwood, which our reading group is discussing on Thursday night. This book really surprised me - I enjoyed it a lot and I hadn't expected to. I started it at just past midnight last night and finished it this morning :)

New Year's Resolutions...hmmm....
  • To get fitter and (hopefully) lose some weight.
  • To eat breakfast.
  • To use my tripod more.
  • To fight my IBS, my depression and my joint problems with a good diet, plenty of fresh air and a positive attitude.
  • To let go of the things in the past I can't change.


Quiet Rage said...

I will join you with the healthier life-style habits. I don't eat breakfast, either. I don't get enough fresh air.

picperfic said...

I'm not making any resolutions...I only end up with more guilt! Instead i am just spring cleaning...slowly!

Akelamalu said...

As you know I aim to lose weight and get fitter too - we can encourage each other eh? :)

Kaycee said...

Hi CG!
I am glad that you had a very enjoyable New Year's Eve with your family and dear friends.
I can certainly identify with you about health/depression issues as I am experiencing the same thing myself lately. But one thing that you wrote I have to keep in mind: "To let go of things that I cannot change." Such words of wisdom!
I wish you much health and happiness in the new year. It is so good to know that we have blogs, e-mail, and friendships to get us through the tough times!


Kaycee said...

Oh, I have to say that I love your book list idea! I am doing some "lighter" reading. I am reading "The Edge of Winter" by Luanne Rice.

JCR said...

Happy New Year Julie, I hope 2008 brings you health and hapiness.

I am also part of the almost never eat breakfast club but I am always hungry late in the evening/at night.

I shall recommend one of the last 3 books of 2007 that I read, 'May Contain Nuts' by John O'farrell