Friday, January 25, 2008

So here's Basil on Catblogging Friday. I planted an old pair of Phil's walking boots with ivy and put them on the bench. Basil at once cosied up to them.

I have great news; the doctors think Karen will be able to go home tomorrow. Thank you ALL for your prayers and positive thoughts. Once again she has pulled through a life-threatening crisis.i'm in awe of her courage a determination.

Phil's coming home tonight :) I have to make the most of him as he's away again at Sunday lunchtime.


picperfic said...

so glad Karen is making progress! As for those trainers, I've often thought of planting something in my boy's old shoes, they have enormous feet, size 12s! I will just have to do it now!

Kerri said...

CG, first I want to say....what a FAB idea with the boots!
Second....I think this is one of the very best shots I have ever seen. It is SO CREATIVE!
Third.....I am a huge fan of this just fits me to a tee!

You have made my Day!!!

artisbliss said...

What a lovely kitty you have, Jules. Mine is up the tree again today. Grr.

Akelamalu said...

Fantastic news about Karen! I will keep her in my thoughts and continue sending Reiki.

Love the photo! Have a great weekend. x

mrsnesbitt said...

Wonderful news about karen.

Loved the photo...the cat is the star!


JAM said...

THAT is a great picture!

I still think Basil is the perfect name for him.