Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have been out in the garden this morning! It wasn't raining, was very mild and the birds were singing their heads off. I took quite a few photos but I'm saving most for my gardening blog post later this week. I tried something I'd wanted to do for years but lacked the necessary props! I also planted some primulas in the container hanging on the fence opposite the back door. Nice and bright and cheerful!

I have had some very exciting news about my wedding photography. I think i'm going to be extremely challenged in the next few months but I'm very lucky to have such wonderful opportunities come my way. I truly can hardly believe it is happening to me...

I had to take a photo of my new washing machine! After being without a properly functioning machine since just before christmas, it's BLISS to have one again. It's the most sophisticated one we've ever had and is far more intelligent than me - it speaks English, French and German!!

My friend Quiet Rage has just started a new cookery blog.
She is one of the best cooks I have ever encountered. Check out her blog for great advice and RECIPES!!


artisbliss said...

I LOVE the primroses (primula). I used to plant them every year when we lived in Oregon. I don't know how they'd fare here with our harsher winters.

I'm so glad your washing machine issue is resolved. There's no making do without one, and going to a laundromat is the pits.

Anna said...

The flower is lovely and I am thrilled that you have so many things coming up with your wedding photography! I cant wait to see your images!

RUTH said...

A beautiful photo of your primulas. Glad you've some exciting event/s for your wedding photography. A trilingual washing machine...what will they think of next! :o)
Love & Hugs

Akelamalu said...

Spring's on the way!

Go on, tell us what photography events you've been booked for!

I only ever use two programmes on my washer the others are as good as new! :)

Quiet Rage said...

Your washing machine looks space-age enough as though it will launch astronauts to Mars!

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Juli
Great a new washmacine, new things looks alays so nice, but after a while... anyway I hope you wedding-photography goes as you wish..

I love your beatifull flower , the colour too, Thanks again for your awarding me with "you make my day" I was too sick (a couple of days) but now I am better. I had to take care of all the sick's here,, no time to recover myself... Now I am OK.

Have a great weekend , watch my sky of Holland today, and listen to the new song on my blog:)

JoAnn greetings

Kerri said...

Your flower shot is BEAUTIFUL! And that WM....looks like a front loader...very NEAT!
I can't believe it talks to you!
What will they think of next??....maybe a robot maid that will do the washing for us LOL!

JAM said...

When Lovely Wife and I first got married, our first big purchase was a washer and dryer.

It doesn't take many trips to the coin operated laundromat to really appreciate them.