Monday, January 28, 2008

There is a bit of a bend in the road ahead for me. Life has taken a few unexpected turns and twists in the last few months! It certainly seems as if there are some challenges ahead....I must not be afraid!

It was a good weekend. Phil was home albeit briefly and on the Saturday we went to Ness Gardens taking photos. He is now off in Spain again for the Duchess.

I was in a lot of pain this weekend; Thursday night my right elbow started hurting. It got steadily worse until I was contemplating chopping it off just below the shoulder. Ordinary pain relief did not touch it so I went out Saturday and bought Nurofen Plus and Deep Heat Rub, which
have gradually eased it. i can't think what caused it; I'm just thankful it's going away!!


Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear you've been in pain m'dear. Arnica Gel is superb for muscular pain. The best I've used I got from QVC (online) by SBC.

PS don't be frightened of whatever lies ahead - you'll do just fine. x

Dianne said...

what a great photo! it tells a story on its own. glad your elbow is feeling better, I empathize - been having some back troubles lately.

I came over here from "Everything and Nothing" - she said your photos were great and she was right.

artisbliss said...

Here's a ((hug)) from me. I know you can get through whatever lies ahead for you. I'm glad you and Phil had some time together before he flew away again.

Kerri said...

Oh CG....I know those bends in the road well! We just have to remember to "bend" with them....and not break! My thoughts are with you!

I'm sorry you were in pain with your elbow. My pain reliever of choice is you have that over there??

This is a Magnificent shot! I am a big fan of pathways! You never know where they will lead....but you're sure to have an adventure when you follow them :)