Sunday, January 06, 2008

Today's photo is a church doorway which caught my eye on a country walk.

Well, Phil has left for a week in Scotland taking photos for the Duchess; I'm already missing him! But we've had a pleasant weekend. Yesterday morning we went looking at new cars, as Phil's lease car is due to be changed very soon. We'll miss the Megane but Phil is after something with a bigger boot so we don't have to put miles on my car whenever we go on holiday. In the afternoon we watched Sian ride - she rode Sian the pony and had a wonderful lesson. We also took down the Christmas decorations which was sort of sad...And had a Skype chat with A from California.

I found this story on the BBC website today. It makes very sad reading. Especially the part about 7,800 dogs being put down in the UK in 2007 because homes could not be found for them. And that 270 dogs were taken to Battersea Dogs Home over the Christmas period. So much for us being a nation of animal lovers! As a family, we are very committed to animal rescue and all of our pets have been abandoned/unwanted. I'd urge anyone considering paying hundreds of pounds for a pedigree puppy to rethink and visit their local rescue centre. If you have your heart set on a particular breed, most breeds have their own rehoming societies.

The same applies to cats too.

Rant over.

I've just read "What was lost" by Catherine O'Flynn. I became completely absorbed in this story, which starts by focusing on the character of 10 year old Kate, who along with her toy monkey, runs a detective agency. The story is centred around a huge shopping mall. Really original, really gripping, funny in parts and very well told, I'm so glad I read this book.


AB said...

I'm so glad that Phil's commission is going so well; he's so talented and deserves the recognition. Can't wait to see the shots! Hope the time apart passes quickly and you're together again soon.


Pat said...

Wonderful to hear about Phil's photography work. Great job he's doing.

That's so sad about all the dogs and cats. I expect that it's the same over here in Canada.

I like your photo of the church window, Julie. Lovely!


Kaycee said...

Your church window photo really caught my eye!
I hope that time passes quickly for you while P is in Scotland. You must be so proud of him.
I am sure that we have the same pet situation here in the US, sadly. Your family certainly does so much to help animals in need.

Quiet Rage said...

Johnny was from the animal shelter... Will wants another dog, and I'm trying to talk him into getting one that has been abandoned.

Akelamalu said...

Love the picture - it's so colourful!

Hope this week goes quickly for you, I know how much you miss Phil when he's away.

I'd heard about the dogs - doesn't it just break your heart? :(

photowannabe said...

Wonderful to hear about your Husbands work. You can be so proud of him. Good for you being in the rescue business. Its sad to hear about so many unwanted pets.
Hope your week goes quickly for you.

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi Julie,
I red the BBCws dog-story indeed, what a bad situation, so many dogs ar without a home. I hope you and P. are togeher soon, I don't knwo the story of CathOFl. so a reason to read it once,

On my blog a post some later holiday "adventures', we stayed in Holland this Xmas-vacation but that was a good time, I show it the coming week.

Take care dear J from JoAnn

Anna said...

Very nice. That is when it pays to have your camera every single second!


Kerri said...

Very pretty! I hope your hubby is home soon!

And thank you for your kind comments on my last post! I really appreciate it!

RUTH said...

So much to catch up on. I hope that the time goes quickly for you while Phil is away. Thinking of you and sending {hugs}

Rising Rainbow said...

Horses fit into that category as well. It is really sad the unwanted and neglected horses. I have a friend who has just taken in two horses from a herd confiscated by officials. They are in sad shape.