Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More from the cacti house at Ness...this succulent had such delicate flowers...

I've been tagged by Dianne for the "Six Quirks" meme. You really should visit Dianne; she is a very talented writer and fellow cat lover. The meme is simple - just list six quirky things about yourself. I'm not tagging anyone in particular but folks, please feel free to post your own list as I'd love to know six quirky things about you all!
My 6 Quirks - and it was quite hard to limit it to only six...!

1 - I always say "Hello Mister Magpie" whenever I see a solitary magpie....
2 - The milk must go in after the tea or I'm positive it tastes wrong.
3 - I am incapable of draining a cup of tea or coffee...I always leave about an inch and I have no idea why I have to do this.
4 - I can't eat cherry tomatoes whole; they need to be cut in half before they go in my mouth. There is something about the way they go "pop" if you eat them whole that makes me think of eyeballs. I'm a bit like that with grapes too....
5 - I read the end of books I'm really enjoying in case I die before I reach the end and never find out what happened.
6 - I can't wrap gifts to save my life...when I do, it always looks like a 3 year old was let loose with gift wrap and sellotape!

Another cactus pic! I loved the regular, uniform placing of the spikes on this one.

I'm off to Chester shopping with the girls...


backpakker said...

hi, im a first timer here..the flowers are awesome and the quirks are cute... only yesterday one of my uncles was showing me the flowers of the cacti in his garden

Akelamalu said...

You''re not quirky, you're normal!

Have a great day in Chester - don't spend too much. :)

artisbliss said...

You really enjoyed those cacti, didn't you? Very, very nice pictures.

I'm going to list my quirks on my blog. Should be interesting. :-)

Kerri said...

Oh, your shots are wonderful! Those flowers on the first one are fab! And the pattern of the spikes on the 2nd one....quite amazing!

Nice to know those 6 quirky things about you! Hope you have a BLAST shopping!

Dianne said...

At the risk of being redundant (and I often am) the photos are just bliss!

love your list
I call every squirrel in my yard "Harry" - no idea why.

we already know where I stand on the milk thing - so are we culturally divided!? I doubt it. ;)

my gift wrapping is much like my sheet folding - a wad! thank goodness for gift bags although I often gift wrap anyway - dear friends and family enjoy my mess.

thank you for such nice compliments.