Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I like Wednesdays...

For a start, I don't work on Wednesdays. I had a little lie in this morning, until nine, then did my usual tidying up of all the stuff lying around the house.

I watered some planters in the garden as we're still not getting very much rain. I took a few photos too...and was delighted to see the frogs have been busy and we have frogspawn in the pond. I have some dwarf tulips in bloom, as you can see by the photo.

I made a veggie shepherds pie for dinner; then spent an hour or so going through my wedding photos and editing them.

Then it was time for RDA. We had a full afternoon as all the rides turned up. It's always so enjoyable being at the stables.

This evening was a bit different; Parents Evening for Sian. Apart from being TOO CHATTY she's doing well so we are well chuffed :)

The only downside to today is the boiler isn't very well...we are warm enough as we have a gas fire in the sitting room but there is no hot water or radiators :(

Tomorrow should be's World Book Day and I'm going to be dressed as a cat for the day - we have lots of classes coming in!


photowannabe said...

You should be purrrr-ty as a kitty.
Sounds like a delightful day off that you had.
I hope it doesn't get too cold and no hot water can be a problem.

Quiet Rage said...

I love how you take pictures of seemingly everyday objects and they look so breathtaking. I love how you capture the beauty of it all in your photographs.

Kerri said...

OH how Exciting! LOVE LOVE LOVE the tulip shot! I looked in the ponds on Sunday and didn't see any froggies....I don't know when they "start up" over here....I need to do some research on that. I would love to see one as it turns from tadpole to frog.
Sounds like it was a Wonderful Wednesday for you! And Thursday sounds like fun....dressed as a CAT!

artisbliss said...

Glad you had such a good day and that it is beginning to be spring where you are. That is encouraging.

How can a girl be too chatty, I wonder? :0)

I hope we get to see a photo of you as a cat!

picperfic said...

sounds like a lovely happy day you had I wonder how hot you got as a cat? I love the tulip photo, has a gorgeous depth to it

Dianne said...

I love the phrase - "I had a little lie in this morning" - makes it sound as lovely as I'm sure it was.

Beautiful tulip.

Have fun today! Do we get to see photos of the cat? :)

Kind Claudia said...

Your photos are so very amazing. It's still cold and snowy here so the flowers are like a breath of fresh oxygenated air. (life at 5000 ft! ;)

There's an award waiting for you at! :)

starnitesky said...

How wonderful to have a day off in the week! I hope you enjoy tomorrow dressed as a cat! I remember World Book day when I worked in a school.

shelley said...

That picture of the dwarf tulip is beautiful!

Akelamalu said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day off!

Love the photo of the tulip!

JAM said...

I love the colors and shadings in the tulip photo.

I'm not much of a morning person, and can relate to your wanting to start off easy.

Some comedian, I think maybe Groucho Marx, said to "start slowly and taper off."

Words to live by.

mrsnesbitt said...

Loved the picture!
Oh dear the boiler eh? As I sit here hubby has scuttled off to the workshop to make another part for my washing machine. The third time it has broken down in recent weeks. lets hope this is the last time eh? Handy hubby, but even he cant fix a boiler!

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

Hey Julie,
As always your photography is spendid, busy shedule you have,

Wishing you a happy friendly weekend! With a hug JoAnn