Saturday, March 08, 2008

This is one of my favourite pictures from World Book Day at the library. This is Little Red Riding Hood. Is it me, or are teachers getting younger all the time???
Due to the ongoing debate about the ethics of photographing children, I did not take pics of the kids, which was a shame as there were some wonderful outfits. But I'm happy with the pictures I got of the teachers, who really entered into the spirit of the day with their outfits. No-one took a picture of me as Mog, sadly (or maybe that's a blessing?) was a great day.
Today in my capacity as assistant wedding photographer, I went to visit clients with my "boss". They are a lovely couple and I am very excited about doing the photos as the locations are wonderful. The civil ceremony is in a venue called the Glass House which apparently has glorious gardens and a fruit maze. The reception is in a marquee next to the groom's family home, which has a beutiful garden, full of interesting features, steps, there is even a couple of ponds!! Now we just need decent weather.
Off for a curry with friends tonight...


Dianne said...

teacher/red riding hood is lovely - and yes, looks very young. she also looks so engaged in what she's doing and I bet the kids respond to that.

no pics of the cat :(

wedding venue sounds wonderful - I shall cross my fingers for good weather.

Akelamalu said...

If some of the teachers at my school stand with the sixth formers you can't tell the difference! Great photo. I'd love to see some of the photos you will be doing of the forthcoming wedding, the venue sounds fabulous.

Quiet Rage said...

At first glance I thought she was one of your daughters' friends!

artisbliss said...

Good heavens, she looks not a day over 18. Dylan's teacher is in her late twenties and looks years younger than that. I guess extreme youth is good if you're going to be dealing with a bunch of wiggly children though--you can use all the youthful energy you can get! Glad you had such a nice celebration of World Book Day. I must have celebrated by reading at some point!

The wedding sites sound great.

mrsnesbitt said...

Gosh, yes teachers are getting younger!