Sunday, March 30, 2008


to everyone for their kind comments on Sian's portrait. I was delighted and so was she!
Today I've posted two detail shots from the wedding on Easter Sunday. I love the attention to detail today's brides show; everything seems chosen with such care in moderrn weddings. I especially like the recent styles in bouquets - much classier than my bouquet was twenty years ago!
The first photo is one of the windows in the great hall at Peckforton and the second one is pretty obvious!!

Yesterday's wedding was another lighting challenge! The room at Manchester Town Hall was so dark I only managed one shot of the service without flash that was usable - wish I'd had the D300 which is great in low light. The restaurant was ok but the layout not good for walking around taking candid shots. The disco in the evening was my worst nightmare...REALLY dark, small, crowded and with myriad flashing and strobe lights. Out of every 10 shots I took maybe one or two were ok...thank God for digital cameras.

There is something very exciting about being part of a wedding. Everyone I've met so far has been friendly and pleasant. Yesterday one lady took a photo of ME - she said it was only fair as I'd taken several of her! Another guest said "you're the sneaky photographer..." good description as I'm the one who tries to catch guests unaware when my boss is doing the important shots!And many thanks to the kind man who bought me a lemonade when I was as dry as the Sahara; I can honestly say few drinks have ever tasted as good to me as that one did!

We are having the Wildcat and family around for Sunday dinner today which will round off the weekend nicely.


Kerri said...

More beautiful pictures! It is so wonderful when others show us kindness! Oh, if there were just more of those out there in the world!

PS - I have an award for you on my blog. It is not intended as a TAG...just to let you know that I think your blog is special!

picperfic said...

Barry and I over indulged last night, and have had a lovely relaxing getting back on track day! What some lovely weather we had. The D300 is your friend in low light but hey, anybody has trouble with dark disco shots! Note to self...ask our photographer if he wants to borrow our D300 lol!!

artisbliss said...

I love the candle photo especially.

Sounds like maybe you're going to have to start taking ALL of your cameras to these weddings to meet any arising contingency! I guess that's the challenge of being a professional photog. Whereas I can post any old out of focus garbage and no one expects any better :-)

Dianne said...

the window shot is amazing!

I couldn't bear to be in a disco just to be there! let alone to work but it still sounds like you had a great time.

Dianne said...

Oh! How is Basil? Are the fleas all gone poor dear.

Anna Ridley said...

Wow! That first photograph is just so beautiful - it virtually oozes peace and love and romance; so wonderful for a wedding image. You have a great eye for these detail shots that make a beautiful touch.


Akelamalu said...

Great shots there CG. I love the window and I do agree with your about bouquets being 'different' now. I'd love to see more of the wedding I bet you got some great shots. Where abouts in Manchester was the wedding, it's not far from me?