Friday, April 18, 2008

Blue is my very favourite colour and I noticed this lovely blue cottage and the blue door on my Port Sunlight trip.I love the little cockerel on the gable as well.

I've had a really "stupid" couple of days - I lost my house keys on Wednesday and could not locate them; all Thursday at work I fretted and worried and imagined the worst (burglars using the keys to break in, Phil divorcing me for carelessness, the exorbitant cost of changing the locks and getting everyone new keys...) This assumed major proprtions in my mind until I couldn't see past it! Yesterday evening I started looking for my keys and then realised I'd also lost my favourite necklace. I ripped the house apart; no luck with either.

Finally, exhausted and tearful I suddenly remembered where I'd hidden my necklace. As a last resort, I went through the rubbish from the kitchen bin and (thank God!) found my keys. All today I've been worrying WHY they were in the bin??? Did I put them there??? Am I losing my mind? Some may say I lost it years ago...

It's so stupid to get so ridiculously overwrought about stuff like this!

I asked Phil this morning if we could have some fun over the weekend.

"Fun???" he yelled. "Fun?? we don't have time for FUN!"

Isn't that a shame?

I hope everyone (else!) has a little fun this weekend :)


artisbliss said...

Lovely blue.

Don't worry about not finding things. You're not losing your mind, you just have too much in it. I have thrown away my keys twice and my wedding ring once (don't analyze that one, please) and also at least one paycheck. And I'm not certifiable yet!

Akelamalu said...

Love the blue cottage it looks so summery! I wonder if we'll get one this year, summer that is??

Glad to hear you found your keys and your necklace. You probably just gathered your keys up with some rubbish and put them in the bin, I wouldn't worry about it too much. x

Dianne said...

I agree - don't worry about that.You know how computers start to act odd when the cache is full, well why can't people have the same frailty!!

and I know you know that I know how it is :)

love the blue door

photowannabe said...

Oh, I hope you can make some time for fun. Life is just too short to miss out on FUN.
So happy you found your keys and necklace. I hate when I misplace something and its right in front of my nose.
Pretty blue too.

Kerri said...

Oh, I do agree with Photowannabe! Life is way way way too short not to have some FUN! Enjoy every day!
And don't worry about the keys....I once looked the house upside down for my keys....and they were in my pocket the whole time!

I love the cottage! Your pictures are always so lovely!

Kaycee said...

I love the photos with the wonderful shades of blue! I love blue, too.

You sound just like me. S is always saying that I worry to much, but it has been a bad habit since childhood.

Now photography is fun!

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

wonderfull and my favorite colour too because BLUE is reminding me of great holidays in greece, have a great end of the weekend,

hug from JoAnn's D eyes Holland

come to see my "Art fly"

Anna said...

I love blue as well Julie! These are really great shots! You know I love doors and windows!