Thursday, May 08, 2008

Church window
The meeting with the wedding couple on Tuesday night went very well. They are such a lovely pair - he seems to have a great sense of humour and fun, and she was very friendly and sweet. It has made me absolutely determined I'll pull out all the stops to do the best work I possibly can for them! It's a big wedding ....over 120 guests and seven bridesmaids - and the reception is in a marquee on a lovely field with great views. A and I had a look at the church too on our way back and although not exactly full of interesting places for group shots, there is a nice garden back at the recption location which will be ideal.

Yesterday was a really nice day - I went to a local garden centre first thing and the staff had obviously just sprayed all the plants with water as they were glistening in the sunshine.I didn't have a camera with me!! I bought a few bits and then spent the rest of the morning tidying up planters and moving stuff around until it was time for RDA.

Phil rang; he seemed a bit lonely - funny, he always seem to like me more when he's away from me (bit worrying that!) I said this to him and he said "I'm missing simple, uncomplicated friendliness". I told him he had never before said I was either simple or uncomplicated (or even especially friendly) and he laughed and said "well, comparatively you are!"

Phil always said I was like Sally in "When Harry met Sally" - the worst kind of woman...high maintenance who thinks she's low maintenance.Hmmm...

I spent more time gardening in the evening and then decided to burn Sunday's wedding pics to a CD for A. Phil usually does this and although i remembered how, the bloody PC was not co-operating and kept hanging. I was getting a headache; my eye was hurting, I was tired...but I wanted A to have the photos before the weekend. Eventually after what felt like 15 attempts I got the files copied to the disc. Phew.

Thanks for all the concern about my eye. It's no better; in fact it feels worse! It's just as swollen and now it's itchy too. The drops taste disgusting (yes, I do put them in my eye but they end up down my throat - I really must have nothing behind my eyes but empty space!)and so far seem ineffective.

As I also have a long and nasty burn down my left forearm (I leaned on my hair straighteners by accident!) I look a right mess. When I'm talking to people I see them staring at the red and gently throbbing carbuncle on my left eyelid! It's a horrible blow to my ego - I always thought my eyes were one of my best bits . Maybe I should start wearing cleavage- baring tops in the hopes they'll draw the stares downwards...but then aging cleavage is probably just as bad!!

I don't get home until after 8 and I still have some pictures to edit from the event we had at work last friday. My eyelid is actually aching; can you believe it? and the thought of more editing doesn't exactly appeal.

On the bright side, I'm wearing new shoes. Gold sandals with jewelled bits! Along with
my cheerful deep orange toenail polish, the sight of them makes me forget all my worries. Never underestimate the power of NEW SHOES!


Akelamalu said...

Ah new shoes are a cure-all! Well apart from curing styes on eyes and burns on arms. :(

It can only get better m'dear. x

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Hey J,
I Like the window,
Glad your eye is better now,
OOOps not so good your arm,
Lots of sweet wishes...:)

Come and see my vote for several haircolours...

picperfic said...

what a lovely bouncy post! Sounds like your eye is needing different anti biotics or something....hope it sorts itself out soon, it will! I love it when we visit a couple about wedding photos and they seem to be 'right', I love your enthusiasm! Poor arm, lavender oil for you my girl! My sister left her curling tongs on the bed and her husband lay on them and burned the side of his face, years ago mind! I just keep burning my wrist and arm when I am cooking!

photowannabe said...

Aging that's a good one.
Sure hope your eye gets better and I know you will do a fantastic job an your next wedding job.

Dianne said...

new shoes don't do it for me but painted nails do :)

You know "Sally" was very accident prone too but it just added to her charm.

I'm sending many hugs