Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Chief Bridesmaid...from Sunday's wedding. This was a completely candid shot; I don't think she knew I had taken it.

The doctor has prescibed antibiotic eyedrops for my eyelid lump so fingers crossed it will start to recede before long.

Tonight I'm going to see the couple whose wedding I'm doing in June and visit the church and the place where the marquee will be. I'm nervous


Carmi said...

You have a remarkable photographic gift - wedding photography is the perfect venue for you. I wish our photographer all those years ago had approached his role with such sensitivity and grace. This picture sings....she'll doubtless be elated.

My apologies for being a complete stranger of late. Life's been getting in the way of my blogging fun. I'm trying to get back into the blog-visiting groove as I can recapture the time.

artisbliss said...

Your candid shots are great, Jules. I forgot to say yesterday how much I like the candle photo, too.

Did the doc say what exactly is wrong with your eyelid? Sometimes they don't know.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Julie
I am playing catchup again! Thanks for your visits to my blog even though I have been so unreliable with mine. The same goes for me, you are always in my thoughts!

I am glad that you enjoy wedding photography, I hated it with a passion LOL but then I would rather be photographing a horse or other animal and have no social skills when it comes to people. I end up with a group in front of me and I go blank and anything that I can do wrong I do LOL.


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Oh and I meant to add, if the lump under your eyelid is pussy and yelow (I know that sounds gross) I went through a period years ago where I used to get those sometimes on the rim of my lower eye so I know how you feel. My doc told me at the time that it was related to stress and being run down. Hope it goes away soon.

Dianne said...

I hope your eye gets better quick

I love how the chief bridesmaid (cute title) is looking down, she looks a bit mischevious. and her hair looks like sunlight.

picperfic said...

ouch...that eye thing sounds painful! I had a large horrid stye once, my friend told me of an old wives remedy, dabbing it with castor oil on a cotton bud. It was gone the next morning, honest! I don't usually believe these things but this one works! Love the candles photo and this bridesmaid shot, you have a wonderful talent Julie. Don't be scared, I know that feeling though, it's horrid but exciting at the same time! How did the meeting go?

Akelamalu said...

That's a lovely photograph!

Hope the eye drops work quickly hon. x

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

wonderfull photo this is Julie !luck for the woman , she is really looking like a 'model'

thanks for your visit at my blog. :)