Sunday, May 04, 2008

Phil left for Spain this morning and I miss him. I will only see him for a couple of days in the next fortnight!

Today I had a wedding shoot and the weather was very...well, mixed I suppose is a good description. It poured with rain all morning and was still bucketing down when A collected me at 12.15. The bride and her family were lovely people - very friendly and warm. The bride was beautiful AND photogenic too which is always a help.

The wedding itself was a Methodist Church ceremony and the church was nice and light. I used the macro lens for the first time at Phil's suggestion and it was very effective once I'd got used to the fact there was no zoom! I ended up using it most of the day. A had me take most of the group shots again which was good practice. It's quite nerve-wracking with the big group shots; very hard to get everyone's attention and keep it! We had a brief spell of sunshine on arriving at the reception venue and got all the groups done and some pictures in the garden. Then the heavens opened again!

I've had a quick look through my photos and am reasonably happy with them. There is a huge difference between being second photographer and the "main man" however (like lots less pressure!) and I hope i can make that step when the opportunity arises. A is so easy to work with; I can learn so much just from watching him. And he doesn't make he feel stupid if I ask questions or get something wrong.

Today's photo is from the Port Meirion wedding last weekend. This lady was naturally graceful and always seemed to be sitting or standing in an attractive way. I saw her looking off into the distance and took this picture. I decided when processing it that it looked better in B&W.

I have a horrible lump on my left upper eyelid! I feel deformed. It's sore and starting to affect my vision ( I can't actually fully open my left eye!) so I think a visit to the doctor is in order :(


Dianne said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Phil!

that woman is lovely and you captured her perfectly.

at my son's wedding the group shots - of my side of the family - were hilarity. there are several sets of twins and one would always be missing. and tons of kids.

eventually I had to play loud, stern cattle herder. the photographer had a great time with us, he and his assistant were so patient and loved when I stepped in to be enforcer.

Akelamalu said...

That's a very pensive pose, lovely photograph.

Sounds like you have a stye on your eyelid - an old remedy is to rub (not hard) a penny over the stye, but a visit to the doctor might be better. :)

artisbliss said...

The woman in your photo reminds me of my younger sister. Very nice photograph.

Hope your eyelid problem resolves!

photowannabe said...

Hope you get that eye looked at. Poor vision and wedding photos don't work too well.