Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Black from Anna Carson - take FIVE.

Well, I'm officially on strike today but it's been fortuitous as I went into school with Sian to try to sort out the bullying issue. I hope we have all reached an agreement on how to tackle the problem and Sian will be back in school tomorrow for the last day of term. I am so proud of how Sian has handled herself over this. Although she's been upset and scared she's still showed courage and maturity. Thanks to those of you who have offered us support!!

After that, Sian and I went to Frodsham market. It's a horrible, wet day. We had breakfast in a cafe and then wandered around the stalls. Sian got shoes, wellies and two beautiful tops. I didn't buy anything!

I noticed this sign and thought how great it would be for Project Black. It was hard to exclude wires etc. Especially as Sian overheard two women complaining about me taking the picture. Apparently they were worried I was going to photograph THEM! Why is it that if you use a DSLR people get very anxious and suspicious? There was a story in the British press the other day about a father branded a pervert by angry onlookers at a bouncy castle - for taking photos of his OWN children! Other parents acused him of being a paedophile intent on posting pornographic shots of children on the internet. Even when he showed people that the photos only featured his own kids (his wife was also present!) he was asked to leave the area. I think we are all getting too paranoid around the issue of photography in public places. Not everyone with a camera is a pervert or a terrorist!!


Denise said...

I heard the news story yesterday and indeed the man himself being interviewed, absolutely ridiculous, the world has gone mad!

Elizabeth said...

I know!
I love taking photos of children for the blog but have either to be sneaky about it or else ask the parents.
I have lots of photos of my kindergarten kids in Morocco but can't post them.
when my children were little (25 years ago) we had endless pictures of them running round the garden and in their plastic kiddie pool. (no clothes on!)
I think we'd be in jail by now....

Robert said...

This is a fun shot. I enjoyed reading your thoughts too. I fortunately have not had people freak out over my taking pictures in public. At least not that I've heard. Now I'll be more aware I think.

Granny Annie said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I had no business getting in on the Project Black because I, obviously, am not a photgrapher, but many like you have been so kind to stop by my blog. I have been fortunate to follow the links to great photographs like yours!

picperfic said...

so glad you are getting things sorted for Sian...let's hope she can forget about it all throughout the summer hols! That thing about photographers and children is way OTT, another thing to make my blood boil. Think I need some HRT lol! :^D

photowannabe said...

People are paranoid now and that's why I don't take pictures of kids in my area. I have missed a lot of great photo ops because of that.
Glad you went to Sian's school and worked things out.
Love your black project entries. Good artistic stuff.

Jenty said...

what a cool sign!
and yes, I'm having the same problem with my camera at the moment. I've been stopped at a few places now, not becase of the people shots, but to stop me taking photos of the buildings!

Raven said...

We do live in an age of disturbing paranoia that often crosses the borders of insanity. I love the sign. Glad you got to photograph it. It's a great sign and I love the angle of your photo with the brick chimney behind it.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Julie
Catch up time again.
I am afraid we live in a very strange world these days. When I was in London 7 years ago I did a lot of school photography from juniors to seniors and we had to be VERY careful not to even touch the children, not to even put their hair in place or move their shoulders. It had to be done by explaining verbally or a teacher. It made life much more difficult to take the photos but that is the world we live in. I remember the days in Soouth Africa where I photographed a lot of play schools and Junior Schools and the kids got so excited whenever they knew I was coming to do their photos and they used to run up to me and hug me when I arrived vying for my attention. I could sit on the floor and play with them and talk to them and show them my goody box and photo day was a pleasant experience for them, unlike how it has become now where the kids greet you with suspiscion and are very difficult to get to c-operate. So sad.

Wish Sian could have got me a pair of good wellies too, the ones here are useless, and even the expensive ones wont last a winter and wet season before they have cracks in them. The ones in the UK are sturdy if I remember correctly. LOL

(((Hugs)))) always in my thoughts.


Kerri said...

What a Fabulous shot!! Such a neat sign for a Vet...and great for project black! I do hope all goes well for Sian at school!

Dianne said...

that's a great shot, a wonderful sign

I'm glad Sian is doing so well, so grounded and mature - but hey, look at her Mom!

artisbliss said...

I love the photo. People need to take a chill pill.

I'm happy Sian's situation is resolving satisfactorily. Girls that age can be so MEAN! They need to be slapped down (metaphorically speaking, of course) so they don't do it to someone else.