Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The city of Bath, not to be outdone by other cities who have superlambbanana and decorative cows, have their Parade of Pigs. I had a lot of fun pig spotting but got nowhere near all one hundred pigs. But there are more to come...

Sky Blue Pig

Porc au Cirque

No 1 Pig

Peoples Pig and Piggery (in the background)

Pig in Prada

The news of my friend K in Canada is still not good. All positive thoughts and prayers for her would be most welcome. She has fought so often and come through against the odds.

I must photograph my birthday presents! I got some really nice things. One of my favourites is an indoor water feature. Phil's parents got me some Shalimar and a beautiful glass paperweight that sits on a little platform. In the platform are three coloured battery powered lights which change. They illuminate the glass and it looks so pretty. Trouble is, I find myself watching the colours change instead of the TV....I also was given a portfolio to display photos to potential clients, a book on the Nikon flash system and a miniature greenhouse which will come in very useful next spring!


picperfic said...

Love those pigs! When we were in Milan last year, there were those cows all over the place!

Akelamalu said...

I love the pigs! We have a Cow Parade in Manchester and I really want one but they are way out of my price range.

Your birthday presents sound perfectly lovely, I hope you had a nice day?

artisbliss said...

I love the pigs! There is a town very near here with Swedish roots and they have large decorated dala horses everywhere. I'll try to find a photo for you.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend K. It must seem like holding your breath all the time just waiting for whatever is next. I will remember her.

Your birthday gifts sound wonderful. David has a small water feature in his office waiting room although I wonder at the wisdom of having something like that in the same room with a lot of elderly women. Fortunately the restroom is just around the corner! ;-)

The Quiet Rage said...

I was going to ask about K in Canada... for whatever reason I've been thinking about how she's doing.