Monday, August 11, 2008

The photo today is of a detail from a Georgian house in Bath.

I was awake early this morning and read for about an hour. Kate is doing "To kill a mockingbird" at school next term and I thought I'd re-read it so we could talk about it. I'm enjoying it so much I'm wondering if I really have read it before or have I just ASSUMED I have because it's a classic and I've read most classic novels!! Of course I have also seen the film but the the writing is just amazing. I'm loving it.

After an early morning visit to Tesco I've been cleaning the house, making soup and doing a bit of gardening.

The weather is gloomy and matches my mood. I'm sad and worried. K is very, very sick.


Akelamalu said...

I haven't read To Kill A Mockingbird but I have seen the film - that was great!

The weather is so depressing, I wish I was back in Kefalonia. :(

Sorry to hear about K - Reiki on the way. x

artisbliss said...

Great photo. I love architectural elements and use them quite a bit in my mixed media work. My son Chris read "To kill a mockingbird" last year and I reread it, having not read it since I was a student. It's amazing what I picked up on this time that I don't remember noticing before.

Kerri said...

Fabulous shot! Sorry about the sickness you write about. I do hope they are better soon.

I was feeling very sad yesterday...but I think it was one of those moods I get in from time to time...probably hormonal. I feel a bit better today...but not up to my normal happy self.

Shammickite said...

That's Capital!!! hahaha get it?

picperfic said...

you are such a lovely person...! Sorry to hear about K. A very Happy Unbirthday to you! You should worry about47, I am now 52!! positively ancient x

photowannabe said...

Sorry to hear of your friends illness. Carrying the burens of others can be so difficult.
Its been so many years since I read To kill that perhaps I'm like you and never really read it. Maybe a bit more years of life experience will give it new depth. Think it will be one of my Fall projects.
Love the detail picture. Great job as usual.