Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday with Phil's family. The sun shone most of the day but Phil ended up BBQ-ing in the garage AGAIN as it got very windy and grey. But the meal was wonderful :)
In the evening the girls went to bed by nine and it was just me & Phil...like the old days when the kids were small! We watched an interesting drama about Albert Pierrepoint. I read his autobiography many years ago and was curious to see how he was portrayed by Timothy Spall. I will be thinking about it for a long time, I'm sure. The abiding feeling I'm left with is that very little in life is black and white - just infinite shades of grey.
I was feeling quite sombre this morning, still thinking about the issues the drama had raised in my mind...but then Phil called to telll me that we have got a booking for a wedding we bid for over the weekend, for one of Phil's work colleagues. It was the first time we had put together a bid and I am thrilled it's been accepted!!!
It's the last full week of the summer holidays and I'm making the most of it as I will miss my girls so much when they go back to school!


Denise said...

Oh what a nice, soul refreshing post honeybunch. I love the evenings Jon & I spend together, such a simple yet content feeling.

Hugs to you.

Akelamalu said...

Congratulations on the booking.

I watched that about Pierrepoint last night too. It was interesting, I was amazed to learn he hanged over 600 people, then I think most of them were war criminals weren't they? How he managed to hang his friend I will never understand. :(

The Quiet Rage said...

Congratulations on your wedding booking:) Just don't refer your clients to my blog ranting on the wedding subject.

Kerri said...

Congrats on the wedding booking! And I'm sure you'll be getting many many more with shots like these in your portfolio. This is Gorgeous!!