Monday, August 25, 2008

This is a garden ornament I spotted whilst on holiday. I'm sort of regretting I didn't buy it!

We have had a busy couple of days doing up Sian's bedroom. We finished it yesterday after a trip to IKEA and then a long time spent putting the furniture together. It looks great (I must take some photos!) and Sian is thrilled with it.

Today is a holiday and we've invited Phil's family over. Of course this means a ton of house cleaning, cooking, etc to get ready for it! I'm not feeling 100% either today :( I woke in the night with stomach pains and I'm still not right.

The Olympics finished yesterday and already the moaning and griping about 2012 and the London Olympics has started. There has been widespread criticism about London's handover segment looking "cheap" whilst at the same time complaints about the cost to the taxpayer about the Olympics itself. It seems you can't win - you either look cheap OR you get accused of overspending. I thought it was ok myself. Not sure I could have done any better!

Like it or not, the Olympics are coming to London. I think we should focus on the positive things this will bring our country and we'll all be a lot happier. Except for the people who are much happier having a good old moan!


Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%, hope it improves soon.

Oh there's going to be a lot of moaning about the olympics in London - like you say I wish people would focus on the positives and not the negatives.

photowannabe said...

It seems some are never happy. I would love to attend the Olympics and see London at the same time. Never been there.
Hope you are feeling better and can enjoy your holiday. Don't work too hard cleaning etc.
Like your shot of the bench too. Looks so inviting.

Dianne said...

feel better sweetie!

I think they should always have the Olympics in Greece, they started all this nonsense let them deal with it ;)

beautiful garden ornament

congrats to Sian for her new room

Kerri said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Kerri said...

Oops - I also meant to say I LOVE the BLUE in that garden ornament! SO VIVID!!