Sunday, September 21, 2008

Despite three of us having heavy colds, we went over to Liverpool today to see an exhibition by the microsculpter Willard Wigan. The exhibition was in a gallery attached to the Hard Days Night hotel in North John Street, a hotel with a Beatles theme! Outside the hotel are large photos of the four Beatles and I took this pic of Paul for Quiet Rage cos Paul is her favourite!! QR, if you and yours return to Liverpool we promise to book you in for a night at this hotel as I'm sure you'd LOVE it!

The exhibition was amazing. Please click on the link to find out more about Willard Wigan. I saw him on TV and he is a piece of art himself...I'd LOVE to photograph him! His work is just astonishing. During his TV interview he mentioned that he once accidentally INHALED a sculpture he'd worked on for days! Imagine how horrible that would be!

The weather has been perfect these past couple of days - I wish I'd not been feeling grotty as I'm sure I'd have appreciated it more without the bunged up nose and constant sneezes.

We have made the big decision to book our holiday to New York City next year. Lucky we did, as already flights are scarce for the time we want to travel. We'll be there from 2rd May for four nights. I'm so excited and can't wait to show the girls all my favourite places.


Akelamalu said...

You must be so excited about your forthcoming trip, it'll be here before you know it!

Kerri said...

Oh I do hope you feel better soon!!!

artisbliss said...

Must be a worldwide cold epidemic. Lots of people here have the same nasty virus. Hope you're all on the mend soon.

Glad you're coming to NYC!

RUTH said...

Hope those sniffles clear soon :o)
{medicinal hugs}

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

hello my friend CJ,
How are you doing eeh? I like the shot of the exibition (John lennon's face) the photographer Williard Wigan is good though ( not so good he inhaled a sculpture) I like his Photography.
How are you doing CJ?

BTW: I posted some B&W 'self'portraits from 'me' 4 a change:)come and see

Greetings JoAnn's D eyes

Dianne said...

I want to take youse all out to dinner - authentic Italian in Brooklyn (the Motherland)!!!!!

I'm so excited - May in NY is lovely.

You should contact the sculptor, tell him how you feel about him and his work and ask to photograph him.

What is there to lose?

Feel better.

photowannabe said...

Lucky you...I'm so jealous. I really miss New York. Haven't been in 3 years now. Think I'm in withdrawl.
Hope your cold gets better soon.

The Quiet Rage said...


'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

hello CJ,
How are you doing today?

See my J pho's about me/JoAnn

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Julie
I am sorry it has been such a long time since I have visited and really appreciate your visits to my blog and your words. I often think of all of those who we got so close to when we first started blogging at the beginning of last year. I have lost contact with a lot of them but there are a few who have hung in and kept contact with me despite my slackness, like you and Mike. ((((Huge Hugs))))) I really appreciate it. I love your photo of the frog! gorgeous as are the others and congratulations on the placings, it is a great feeling isn't it?

I am sorry to hear about Karen's passing but am so glad that you got the chance to bond with someone, one on one that was obviously a soul mate. True friendships are very hard to find, with all my travels I have found that out the hard way. This sounds like what you had with Karen and I am sure she is looking down right now and smiling at the memories too.

Thnk about you daily, hope the colds get better (((((More Hugs)))) just keep em flue bugs to yourself tho LOL.


Kerri said...

Missing you this week! Hope your cold doesn't have you down!