Monday, October 20, 2008

Rant warning!

I read an item in the paper today that almost took my breath away. It was about women having plastic surgery on their feet and ankles. We're not just talking botox or liposuction either, but having toes broken, shortened etc. I felt quite sick reading it. I felt ashamed to be a woman.

And the reason? So these women can wear pretty shoes without feeling embarrassed about their "ugly" feet.

The article also talked to women who had foot, knee and back problems from years of wearing high heels all day, every day. Women who had serious health problems but could not/would not stop wearing these shoes because they are "addicted" to them or can't stand how they look in more practical shoes.

I was reminded of an article I'd read some months ago about a beautiful young black woman, who was undergoing plastic surgery to give her a large bottom. She was slender and gorgeous but claimed her life was ruined and she was incapable of happiness because she did not have the curvaceous rear that black women are supposed to have. The interview was full of her descriptions of how she could barely leave the house because of her embarrasment over her small buttocks, how she cried herself to sleep every night...I did wonder how she might cope if she discovered she had cancer, or suffered a bereavement or something similar, if being cursed with a small bottom made her feel such despair.

I'm not denying these women have serious problems but the problems are in their heads and not their physiques. It is hard for me to understand anyone undergoing surgery to fix defects that aren't even defects at all. And believe me, I don't like the way I look so I sympathise with people who have hang-ups over their appearance! I've even cried over it at times. I don't have my photo taken or look in mirrors if I can help it. The difference is that I know these feelings are trivial even if they are genuine! That in the great scheme of things it doesn't matter if I have pretty feet or a sexy bottom or a perky set of boobs. That what matters is I look after my health and try to be a good person.

I also read an article about women with breast cancer. Many are now terminal. All talked about living each day as it came and appreciating the important things in life. I doubt any waste much time fretting that their toes aren't perfectly symmetrical.

Since I hurt my ankle, I've come to really appreciate the sheer joy of being able to walk, run, dance - because I can't do it for the moment. I simply cannot imagine why a 23 year old woman would contemplate spending £2700 on an operation to pretty up her feet, when she knows it will mean she can't walk properly for about six months. Six days have almost driven me insane!

I know there is a condition called body dysmorphia and maybe these women have it, in which case the answer is treating the condition and not undergoing surgery!

If I could, I'd prescribe these self-obsessed women a course of counselling plus a massive dose of reality. And tell them that no-one cares about their feet or their backsides except them!


Kerri said...

AMEN!!! I agree with EVERYTHING you've written!!

I have huge hangups about my appearance....but am finding more and more that beauty comes from within :)

photowannabe said...

You said it. There is so much more to life than what one thinks about their toes.
My bunions are ugly and I would gladly share some of my excess derriere with that poor woman. I think the media is to blame for the pap they feed the public as Truth and the way its feed tothe vulnerable minds.
Ok, my rant is through too.

Annie said...

You know, you hit the nail on the head! A large dose of reality should be freely available on prescription. There are so many people who are self obsessed about what we consider to be petty things, even if they are a huge hangup for them. What annoys me most is that they get pandered to because they have the money to 'fix it'. even worse is where they get funding to fix it when there are more desparate people who can't get funding for serious health issues not appearance problems.

Well said hun xxx

Akelamalu said...

I totally agree with you and as my granny would have said

"They've got more money than sense!"

artisbliss said...

This'll teach me to not look at my favorite blogs for a few days. What a lot of catching up I have to do. First of all, that's a gorgeous shade of purple on your ankle, and I like how it sets off your nail polish. I agree with your analysis of these women and their odd body obsessions. If I started on that road I'd be in surgery for the rest of my life. Beautiful kitty photo, love your feather duster (mine's green lambswool) and I hope you're kicking up your heels again (gingerly, mind you!) very soon.

The Quiet Rage said...

Small things occupy small minds. Wow. These women need to get "real" issues.