Sunday, December 07, 2008

I'm happy to say after a few "down" days I'm feeling a bit more cheerful. Thanks for all your kind comments. I will be round catching up on everyone's blog soon.

It did help to hear that the bride & groom from our recent wedding were really happy with the photos we took - that gave both Phil and I a big thrill!

Christmas is racing towards me now. I bit the bullet and wrote out our Christmas cards last night. I remember when we were first married, I was desperate to get lots of cards so I sent out about 90 to every single person I could think of. I must have been mad! I also used to keep a very anal Christmas card list - if someone didn't send me a card for two years running I deleted them from the list. Invariably on the third year they WOULD send a card and would get reinstated. However as I hadn't sent THEM a card the third year, they wouldn't send ME one the fourth year....and so it went on. I now can't be a***d with a list so I just work through my address book...!

Phil and I went for a lovely walk this morning. It was another frosty day. I'm loving this cold snap we are's proper winter!


Akelamalu said...

I send about 50+ cards out every year but come next year when I retire (hopefully) I think I will have to cut it down some because of the cost of postage. I really don't want to do this but needs must.

I'm so pleased to hear you're feeling better m'deario. x

photowannabe said...

Happy to hear things are looking up for you. I'm sure a good brisk walk with your Hubby helped too.
Lovely wintery photo.

Kerri said...

Glad you are feeling better!!
And glad you got good feedback on the wedding...I knew you would :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Cards.....................2 weeks I think! at least for ours.
So glad you are feeling better , I was worried.