Sunday, March 01, 2009

Fairy cake..

After a very busy week, we are just chilling and doing domestic duties (like baking!) today.

Yesterday we made a quick visit to Peckforton Castle to check it out before the wedding we are doing next weekend. Phil had to make an urgent phone call to work and I wandered around outside. They have recently started to have birds of prey at the castle and presently the falconer came out and we got chatting. I met a few of the birds including Ollie the barn owl.

So I was VERY intrigued to see THIS story in the newspaper today! Please check it out to see what a starring role Ollie & Peckforton Castle are going to play in a famous Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand's wedding!!!


Akelamalu said...

Ah baking, you reminded me I haven't done any for a while!

The link for the newspaper story doesn't seem to be working.

photowannabe said...

I thought the story on the owl was fascinating. It certainly isn't a normal ring bearer.
I'm glad you have some down time before your busy weekend.

Dianne said...

Ollie is beautiful!! quite the star of the wedding I say :)

the cupcake looks lucious

Kerri said...

Yum Yum!

How neat to have an Owl as the ring bearer!!

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Juli,
I did Not read the newspaer story because I am more interested in your do's and don'ts so I can imagine that you were baking (great shot!)after a busy week, I do like cooing myself too. Yeh birds are great: here we have a bunch of birds and they are waking us every morning with there great chattering.

Sorry I could not react on anything, because of an (1 week!)internet disturbing I am back now!
greetings JoAnn's-D-Eyes/Holland

The Quiet Rage said...

I'm hungry.....