Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm in severe pain, from...a broken fingernail! Yes, it's true. Today while trying to undo a stiff bridle, I ripped off over half of my right index finger nail. It poured with blood and made me feel sick! Even now, covered with two plasters, it's throbbing like crazy. i never realised how important this digit was in every day life until now!

Apart from that we've had a nice weekend. Phil's mum is out of hospital and recovering well at home. Phil enjoyed his birthday on Saturday, I think, we went to the U-Boat exhibit at Woodside and then for a trip on the Mersey Ferries. A brief stop in Liverpool at Pret a Manger was enlivened by a fire alarm which necessitated an evacuation of the building and the arrival of some nice firemen! Why DO I like firemen so much? i think it's the whole idea of being rescued that does it!

It seems as if the swine flu crisis has peaked in Mexico. I'm still concerned. Apparently the 1918 flu pandemic also started with a mild outbreak in the spring, only to return with devestating effect in the autumn. I want this not to happen again!


Akelamalu said...

I just cringed when I read about your fingernail! I once had acrylic nails and got one caught - it ripped off taking half my own nail with it - excruciating!!

Good to hear MIL is home and doing well. :)

Annie said...

Oooh I know you you feel. I ripped my thumbnail off about two weeks ago and that bled like mad too. I kept bashing it on anything and everything! It even hurt to put it in water to wash the dishes!! I hope it heals quick.

I'm glad Phil had a nice birthday... and firemen? I've sort of gone off them since I've been with Mark. His step dad is a fireman.. and, well.. they're not what you think underneath all that protective clothing LOL. Very brave!!! but not quite the calendar pin up kind LOL

Annie xx

Mabel said...

Ooh, poor you! Hope your fingernail grows back again soon.

Dianne said...

my finger hurts just thinking about it!

very glad that your MIL is home

beautiful photo, a carpet of color

Mabel said...

Julie, I've just looked at your website. The photos are stunning, so natural, so beautiful and just so professional! What a fantastic website. I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks for a wedding photographer. Well done and good luck!