Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pots at Hever Castle in Kent

I took Kate off to visit a friend in a neighbouring village this morning and enjoyed the drive back through the lovely Cheshire countryside. I've been attacking the garden since then; very satisfying but I've had to call a halt as I've filled the brown garden stuff recycling bin plus an extra bag AND the compost bin! i've also cut the lawns, swept the drive and tidied the garage. Time for a sit down and a cuppa i think!

I am enjoying being back at home and pottering around in the garden; seeing how everything has grown while I've been away. But I'm sad the holiday is over. Phil is already stressed about returning to the hell that is his job and I'm worrying about our next weddings (I have recently lost ALL confidence in my ability to take decent photos...) Holidays always come to an end and you realise your problems and anxieties are still there waiting for you...there's no escape.

It's certainly cooler and windier here than it was in Kent! But there is no place like home, after all! We were quite relieved to be back in our own bed in our peaceful attic room with no traffic noise that first night, but Phil complained the mattress felt uncomfortably slanted. I ignored him for a bit until I suddenly remembered I'd hidden my earring box under his side of the bed just before going on holiday!!

I am very concerned about an awkward situation I've found myself in; I don't know what to do so for the moment I'm doing nothing! And hoping the right solution will come to me in time!

My dear MIL is having some health problems and we are all worried for her. Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers this week, if you can. I'd be so grateful!


Dianne said...

I will be thinking of your MIL and hoping for good things for her, and all of you

the photo is beautiful - but that's never a surprise to me

photowannabe said...

Love your photos and the perspective of this one. Will definitely keep your MIL in my thoughts and prayers.