Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear So & So....

My friend Annie over at Incessant Ramblings uses her "Dear So & So" posts to get things off her chest.

Here's mine! (inspired by The Quiet Rage)

Dear Neighbours with yappy dogs,

You are really nice people and I like you. I know you'd help me if my house was burning down and I'd do the same for you. I also like your little dogs - I love dogs! But I hate their yapping - please, PLEASE can you stop letting them out to bark their little heads off before 8 am and after 11pm, it is driving me demented!

And during the day, too, please can you try more effective methods to shut them up than just saying "Be quiet". That clearly doesn't work. YOU may be so attuned to the yapping you can't hear it any more. But I CAN!!

Dogs should bark when someone comes to the door, during thunderstorms, when a cat crosses their patch, to say hello to another dog. But constant yapping should be checked!



Annie said...

Dear so and so's are great! I feel so much better after posting one LOL.

We have a yappy dog next door, and one is bad enough, I can imagine the noise of 2! It does drive you demented, and it's just at that pitch that you can't tune out of. Lawn mowers you can de-tune from, but constant yappy yap yap really does grate your nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. I really do know how you feel. Our next door just leaves this dog barking for ages and then eventually will come out and clap their hands and shout 'in'. It doesn't help that they have an iron railing gate so the dog can see through into the street at all times.. it barks at ANYTHING!

Oh dear, I set off on my own rant then LOL.

Maybe you should print this off and post it through their door LOL

Miss ya!

Annie xx

mrsnesbitt said...

We have the same neighbour! lol!

Akelamalu said...

Oh yapping dogs can be such a nuisance!

photowannabe said...

Amen, amen, amen.
Fortunately we don't have many dogs around this house.
Our former one had 2 dogs just to the side of us that drove us bonkers. They were mean and their bark sounded like they would eat us alive. I guess they thought our property was theirs too. They were outside dogs and the couple worked all day. Didn't like it at all. So happy with our new situation.

Belle said...

Years ago my daughter was sick and home for months. The people next door went to work and left their little dog out all day. It yapped the entire 9 hours. I finally left a note on their door explaing how my daughter needed sleep. I never saw the dog again!