Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tired and time-poor!!

So it's Tuesday night and I'm sitting here on my way up to bed. It's 9.30! I'm exhausted! I suppose you could say the novelty of working full time has now worn off and I'm really missing my Mondays off, my shorter Tuesdays! In addition I'm on a course two Wednesdays on the run so when you throw in my two 12 hour days I feel as if I'm hardly at home!

I'm enjoying work but it's also worrying as there are continuous "Chinese Whispers" going around about forthcoming cuts to the library service - I wish we knew the worst as this waiting and wondering is hard to bear. There's also worries about our pensions - I'm nearly 50, if my pension is suddenly done away with or curtailed it's a bit late for me to start saving for a new one.

I'm actually quite homesick which sounds ridiculous but I am really here so little and have so little time on my own. I've realised I like a little time on my own each week. I'm a bit worried too that I'll lose touch with my local friends as I'm not around so much. I don't have the time or the energy for much Facebook or blogging either so I'll probably lose all my online friends too!

I remember how when I was part-time I wanted (indeed, NAGGED!) Phil to do stuff; now I'm looking forward to a weekend when we have nothing planned so I can get in some precious pottering. I also need to get some albums finished. I miss my camera - photos i took for pleasure in June have been barely looked at!

This, however, is one, a sculpture from Anglesey. It looks a bit how I feel tonight - knackered!!

I'm so loving my riding although my progress seems so slow. S & I are planning on helping out at the stables some Sundays. Am I mad to consider this? But I LOVE being around horses...

I've just installed one of those gizmos that show how much electricity you're using. I've turned into a power Nazi, going round switching things OFF to get the readings lower. It's oddly fascinating...

The extra money is helping pay for some stuff that needs doing around the house and I'm grateful not to have had an actual pay cut this year, just a pay freeze. I need to treasure this job, while i still have one!

Now I'm off to bed to read my book!


Akelamalu said...

The cuts in public services must be really worrying for you. I hope, as the Government have said, the cuts will be the management fat cats and not the front line services. x

CG said...

As far as I know, the cuts look like being anything from 20% to 40% across the department. At the very least we are facing reduced staffing, no budget for repairs and maintenance and probably cuts in the bookfund!