Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My team at the library was recently nominated for an award, from Wirral Star Employers - it's all to do with work experience & apprenticeships for young people. The young man who nominated us, Alistair, has been working with us for two years now and his nomination was really special - we had no idea we had made such an impact on his life! I got invitations to the award ceremony and although at first I asked Phil & the girls to come, I eventually wised up to the fact that it should really be my wonderful team coming, so I asked the family if they'd mind not coming - they agreed.

Last night was the awards night and I was five hours late home from work because of it. It was a truly wonderful evening, quite glitzy, with champagne, posh frocks, a lovely buffet, entertainment....and we were joint winners in our category!! We were awarded a beautiful engraved glass star and a framed certificate and there was press coverage which will be good PR for the beleagured library service. I floated home with our awards, so happy and proud! This sort of thing doesn't usually happen to us librarians!

But no-one asked me how the award ceremony had gone; it was not even referred to. I can't believe it. Did they just assume I hadn't won or did it not even register as a blip on the radar of their daily lives? Didn't the fact I wasn't home cooking the dinner make them think "now where is she tonight?" Obviously not!

I don't want to get the award out and tell them about it because I don't want to hear the excuses..."I've been so busy!" ..."You know my memory!" "I forgot..." "You should have reminded me..."..."I've got so much on my mind right now..."

It would be nice just occasionally to be noticed.


Belle said...

A moving picture. Is this a photo you took? If so, from where?

Belle said...

As a life long housewife, I have found I get my appreciation from people other than family. It is too bad, but that's the way it is. However, when I do get some recognition I crow about it to everyone.

Annie said...

Congratulations on your award. Do we get a pic???

You know, our lives are so mirrored at the moment. You read about my experiences this week on no longer existing unless it's for meals and clean clothes and knowing exactly where everything is the moment it's needed. And no matter how many other people congratulate you and ask you about the awards night, it's not the same as your family asking you.. because they're the ones that really matter to you.

I think we both need to buy a big stick and beat them all with it.

Big hugs and loads of love. You are a special person and deserve to be noticed a bit more.

Annie xxxx

Akelamalu said...

How sad that no-one asked about your award. :(

Anyway WELL DONE to you and your team - the young man who nominated must think you're all really special. :)

mrsnesbitt said...

How sad! ((((HUGS))) to you Julie!x

Andrea said...

It isn't easy to not be acknowledged by your family and frankly I think they need a good smack with that big stick Annie mentioned ;0)

Hang in there, you are worth it!

photowannabe said...

So sorry Julie but I think sometimes being a wife and Mom is a thankless job.
I notice you and say Bravo for the award.