Saturday, April 02, 2011

Jay Bradbury of  "The Jaywalkers"

It has been almost two months since my last post - I am so busy these days and have so little computer time that blogging is one of the things I've had to more or less give up. As is commenting on blogs although I do still keep up with quite a few - usually reading them just before I drag myself off to bed!

The photo above is one I took recently at a gig for a local band, The Jaywalkers. Jay, the singer pictured here is one of Kate's friends and an extremely talented young lady with a stunning voice.

It's the second lot of band photos we've done recently as we also did a publicity session for Treuddyn Tested, another local group - you can see some of our pics on their website.

We are gearing up for a cluster of weddings in early summer and next weekend I am photographing an prizegiving for a poetry competition.

I really want to start blogging regularily again.Working full-time is taking it's toll though, especially the two 12 hour days  every week and soon it could get worse as I might be working alternate Saturdays again.I miss my part-time hours SO MUCH!! I find myself homesick these days as I'm so seldom actually in my house! Anyway, I'm going to catch up on the last few months and hope I can blog more often...

Work is very busy and huge changes are on the horizon as libraries are merging with another department and we will be restructuring. We are very lucky as Wirral is not closing libraries as so many councils are and I still have a job but it is clear that things are going to be very different in the future and I am feeling quite anxious. I don't know what my new role will entail, or how my work patterns will change. I am hoping I will still be able to do my volunteer work at RDA.

Sian had her French exchange student, M to stay - the visit started off badly as poor M was sick but we all loved her and felt very sad when she had to go home.

We have booked a holiday in Florida - we couldn't decide where to go that would please everyone and not cost the earth and suddenly it occurred to me that Florida might fit the bill. We would all like to see Harry Potter World and revisit Seaworld and some of the other parks as well as  Kennedy Space Centre. After another hard winter preceded by a fairly dismal summer we are all longing for warmth and sunshine. We have booked baseball tickets, we can shop and Sian and I can go trail riding. We have a villa/car/flights package that is reasonable and we all can't wait. It will probably be our last big family vacation.

I am still riding and slowly improving; absolutely loving it too.I have also taken up running, much to my surprise, using a plan from the NHS called "Couch to 5K" and it's great, I'm just about to start Week 6 and yesterday I ran for 20 minutes for the first time ever!" I get such a buzz from running! The only question is if my joints can stand it!

Am I nuts, taking up running and riding in the year I am due to turn 50????


Belle said...

I think it is great you have taken up running at 50! If your joints do start to hurt you may have to slow it down a bit.
Your vacation plans sound wonderful. Have a great time.

mrsnesbitt said...

Good to know all is well! Dxx