Sunday, November 15, 2015

Since my recent diagnosis and my conversion to healthier eating, I have become slightly obsessed with how much rubbish food dominates our lives! Go into a supermarket and you're faced with racks of special offers - bags of cheap donuts, cookies, sweets, chocolate, crisps. And when I went to the Locality conference in Liverpool this week, I was greeted with plates and plates of huge cookies along with the teas and coffees and later on they served a choice of bacon or sausages in soft white rolls! Nothing at all I could eat, and it was only on my way home when I managed to dive into M&S Food at the station and grab a banana and some carrot sticks with houmus. Would it hurt to serve some fruit along with the cookies or even some wholemeal toast?

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cheshire wife said...

You are right about the supermarkets stocking so much rubbish food. I often wonder who buys it all, as I don't. I guess fruit and veg do not look as exciting as cream cakes and sticky buns.