Monday, March 26, 2007

Wednesday evening....
Two more photos from our visit to the David France collection of Everton memorabilia. One is of Alan Ball's boots; the other of K with some Everton shirts.

I am pleased to report that Shea now seems fully recovered from whatever ailed him! He really scared me for a time. Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts - I was so worried!!

I've been over in Leeds visiting T; the weather was absolutely lovely and we had a great time visiting garden centres and various other shopping places. It was a really nice break! Only two more days at work and then it's the Easter holidays and we are off for a long weekend to the Lakes!!


Kaycee said...

I am glad that you had a good visit to Everton. K is such a grown up young lady already! I am glad to hear that Shea is doing much better!

RUTH said...

glad you had a good time with T. The lake distirct is so beautiful; bet your camera will be working overtime! So glad Shea is ok.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I love the mural, it always amazes me how someone can paint something so big and keep it in perspective.

Looks like your visit to the Everton football museum was great. Nice shots considering you probably couldnt use flash.

I am glad your visit with T went so well. I look forward to seeing her balcony garden as it develops.

I am very jealous, I never got to the lake district while in England but believe it is beautiful.

We will have to go touring when I come over .... aaaaah we can dream cant we?



picperfic said...

this flipping blogger...why does it go wrong on the posts you type that are long, interesting and funny? I can't remember what I wrote...gggrrr....glad you had a good time with Tal...erm....I am hair free on my legs anyway. I will get Barry to sort out that aubergine recipe for you. Have a good weekend J x I'm knackered!