Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dragon's Egg

This second photo is a re-editing of a photo I took for a competition on TPC on the theme of "Eggs". I hope everyone is doing ok. it's really warm and sunny again today. It's been a slow sort of day; I spent most of this morning on the phone! We had a chance to go swimming but neither girl wanted to and my IBS was bad so it was probably just as well I didn't go...ugh!
When I eventually got dressed I went to B&Q for some compost and plants. When down in the dumps I usually either bake or garden.
I had a lovely evening with my friend CL last night - just a couple of drinks in a pub but I really enjoyed talking to her.


RUTH said...

What a loely girl your daughter looks. You sound a bit like me...if I'm feeling down I bake if it's raining and garden if it's not!
{{{HUGS}}} and "spec" thanks for my surprise in the post.

JAM said...

Your daughter is a cutie, keep her close.

That dragon's egg is awesome. The photograph is too, but the egg/dragon is awesome work. I'm late to the party, did you make this?

picperfic said...

don't our young ladies grow up so fast? Maisie is crocheting a hat for Ali's new baby. It is lovely to see her working away, she's already thinking of the next thing she's going to make. We might go on a boat trip today, if my aching limbs allow....I am getting better, slowly but it has been a bit scary. The sunshine is gorgeous. Love your photos, they have a good 'feel' to them.

Akelamalu said...

Lovely picture of your daughter. I usually do gardening when I'm down too.