Saturday, October 06, 2007

I have not had the best of weeks and so have not been blogging much. There is always the temptation to use my blog to have a good old moan but this time I didn't feel it was fair to inflict my concerns on everyone else especially as I know so many of you have your own worries and difficulties!

This photo makes me think about being in the darkness yet looking towards the light - hoping to find a way through the gate to the sunny garden beyond.

I would ask you to spare a thought and a prayer for my dear K in Canada. She has been in hospital for a while and is not improving very much. She is always so touched when I tell her people she has never met all over the world are thinking of her and wishing her the best.

I hope everyone is having a great saturday!


artisbliss said...

Lovely photo as always. You shouldn't hesitate to share your burdens with your friends. That's what we're here for! I am thinking of and praying for your friend.

AB said...

Never hesitate to share your troubles and worries with friends; a problem shared is a problem halved as they say. You know where I am if you need a sympathetic ear.

Please send my love and thoughts to K. Tell her I'm pulling for her!


Akelamalu said...

Telling your troubles on your blog is not an infliction on your readers m'dear, and it may make you feel better so go ahead and unload yourself.

Please tell K that I will be remembering her when I'm sending Reiki. I hope she will feel better soon. x

RUTH said...

Sorry to hear it's been a bad week for you. Please don't feel that you can't have a moan....your blog pals aren't fairweather friends...we're here through sunshine and showers. Always remember a trouble shared is a trouble halved; besides sometimes reading anothers problems can help put your own in perspective.
A lovely photo and really shows that there is sunshine beyond the darkness :o)
Wishing the best to your friend. She's in my thoughts and virtual {{hugs}] to her;
and {{HUGS}} to you too of course

CG said...

You are all such kind people; I am so lucky to know you all!

JAM said...

First, that's an amazing photo. It's my kind of shot, through something to an outside world. I love that kind of thing. Both the colors out there and the silhouetted shapes inside are interesting points to see.

Sorry about your K. I do believe in the power of prayer and will pray.

Carmi said...

I've added K to my prayers. We're sadly dealing with hospitalizations and challenges of our own these days, so it's our joy to ensure others are not forgotten.

I hope she has a chance to see that last image of yours. Your previous commenters are correct: it speaks of hope, or light in the midst of darkness. It took me back to a similar moment I had on the 2nd floor of an ancient Buddhist temple in China a few months back. I looked across the darkened room and saw a shaft of light. My eyes were drawn toward it as my spirit felt like it was being pulled up as well.

You always evoke such powerful thoughts with your photos. Thanks!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

My thoughts and good vibes coming Ks way too. Don't feel alone, I have had a few of those days recently when I just havent felt I could share but even so know that you are always in my thoughts and I am sending positive vibes your way. (((Hugs)))